The American presidential election day is ever so slowly approaching and let me tell you: I AM GLAD. This election never seemed to be an actual election at all. I feel like I have been watching a reality television show for the past year or so. I am so tired of the candidates with their bickering, the followers with their violence, and the media coverage with their propaganda. There is no doubt that I care about the future of this country, but this election has made me lose all faith in the American political system. I just want all of this bullsh*t to END.

I am so excited to finally see this bickering between two supposedly professional people come to a close. I mean come on, the two debate through Twitter for crying out loud. It's like they care less about actual issues and only care about tearing each other down. I understand that is typical of any political race, but this is going above and beyond anything I have ever seen. No matter what one of them says, the other one takes it completely out of context and convinces all of their followers to go crazy over it. It's like the two are bickering siblings tattle-tailing to the media whenever they get a chance. "OMG mom, guess what Donny did now?"

It's not only the candidates that I have a problem with, but their supporters as well. There is a way to support someone without being a complete baboon about it. Who raised these people to think that it is acceptable to spit in someone's face just for disagreeing with their opinion? Terrorism is a huge issue facing this country and many of these extremist followers are part of the problem.

There is such a thing as domestic terrorism and guess what? If your abusing someone in any way for exercising their right of freedom of speech then you are, in fact, a terrorist. There are so many accounts of this type of domestic terrorism that are a product of this election. Regardless of who you plan on voting for, there needs to be a respectable way of supporting them.

Also, I am so sick of people boasting about their refusal to vote in this election. Please spare me on that "I hate both of the candidates so I am not voting at all" crap. Do not get me wrong... it is totally your right to choose to exercise your right to vote or not, but at least try to care about what is going on in the nation that you live in.

The worst type of followers in this election are those who do not know anything about this election and only plan on voting based on their family members or friends own inclinations. If this is you, in this case, I encourage you not to vote at all. You obviously have no ability to make your own decisions so don't even think about submitting that ballot. You are part of the problem.

Finally, I want this election to be over so I can turn on my T.V. and watch REAL news. I am so sick of these bias news stations completely distorting facts just to gain more views. The news is more like a reality T.V. program following the lives of these two's complete utter hatred toward one another.

Also, I am so tired of the news anchors commentary on the election because they talk about everything besides the actual issues... you know things we should actually pay attention to. I do not care about the color pantsuit that Clinton chose to wear nor do I care about how Trump's hair part was slightly more to the right than usual.

With all this being said, Election Day 2016, please hurry because I do not know how much longer I can suffer through these campaigns.