What Makes The Perfect Drinking Buddy

5 Things That Indicate Which Of Your Co-workers Would Be Perfect Drinking Buddies

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I am still baffled that I was given an opportunity like this. An allergic to alcohol 22 year old has been selected by a brewing company as their marketing guru. They clearly must have stalked my Instagram because apparently, I was some sort of a frat star or something, because out all the people that could have possibly done this, they chose me. Sounds genius to me, anyway, that's enough of an intro.

So coming into a new job, I think it is important to find a social circle at work. Work relationships, just like personal relationships, are important, but if you are one of the lucky few that gets to mix the two together, you're in luck. Drinking with your co-workers is fine, but if you have to consider if they are a good enough person to have as a drinking buddy. Of course, with my very close calls in college that could have landed me in the hospital, I am here to offer my expertise. Here is what you should look for.

1. He or is at the same level on the corporate ladder as you.


This shouldn't matter, but it does help that if you do something stupid with this person, it isn't your boss. Yes, your boss can be your drinking buddy. However, at the end of the day, you gotta be careful what you do with someone higher than you. The people that are at the same level as you being a drinking buddy is perfect, especially if they have been at the company you're working at longer than you. They can give you some pointers, and you can buy them a round as a thank you. It's a solid exchange.

2. He or she is the cool boss.


At the same time, if you have a cool manager, vice president, or anyone higher than you for that matter, don't be scared to ask them to have a drink with you. It takes the pressure off because they want you to respect them a lot more than you think and they are probably more than willing to have that Sour Monkey from Victory Brewing you've been asking them to try (#ProductPlacement #NailedIt).

3. She's the hot female co-worker that everyone warns is crazy, but you go for it anyways.


Too many times I hear this one play out, and no man ever listens, because he's thinking with his other head. #Yolo am I right, kids? If you get that warning from others that the hot girl you are interested in is crazy, proceed at your own risk. I'd say this strategy is 50/50 - it's a case by case scenario. However, you won't know unless you try.

4. He or she is your work best friend.

Annie Spratt

This is the guy (or girl, I don't discriminate) that you always go to for work-related stuff, personal stuff, or just stuff in general. You two spend an awful lot of time together and it won't hurt you to get that beer after work. Trust me, totally worth it, it's always fine to grab a drink after with whoever this person is, regardless of the circumstance.

5. He or she just quit the company. 

Drew Farwell

Hats off to whoever this is. Congratulate them. They are on to bigger and better things and you're gonna miss them. Of course, you're gonna bring this person to the bar and celebrate with them in the best way possible. No restrictions here - this is a green light to grab that drink. You're definitely going enjoy it too because you have no idea when you'll see that person again.


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