Dream It. Do It. Be it.
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Dream It. Do It. Be it.

"If you decide today that you are going to change your life, then it is already different." - Brianna Wiest

Dream It. Do It. Be it.

I have had no shortage of disparity and sometimes it has been hard to continue to make the choice to move forward. Sometimes you have to hit your rock bottom in order to build yourself back up, and I believe that is exactly what has happened for me in 2020.

In December of 2019, I sat with one of my friends on New Years Eve and we decided to make vision boards. The prospect of making a board of things I wanted to do and who I wanted to be was scary for me because at that time, I never really knew if I was going to make it through 2020 at all. Despite fears, I went on to create the one vision board that has guided my growth for so long.

There are certain things on this board that made a world of difference for me.

Vision Board 2020Brianna Gavin

First, there is the word "Trailblazer" on the board. That word has more than one meaning for me, but if I were to sum it up, I think it means breaking beyond barriers. I put that on this board because I know that I want to be someone who challenges the status quo and continues on throughout the difficulties that may lie before me.

Second, there is the quote "While we have a lot of work ahead, there is indeed still time to act." I was trying to talk myself into treatment during this time and for so long I believed that I wasn't worth it. I thought I wasn't going to make it. I put that on my board to remind me that even though things have happened, there is always a way to move forward.

Third, there are three different truths that an old friend wrote for me that I put on the board that read "I am forgiving", "I am divinely guided", "I am strength", and "I am worthy". Those four truths are things I tell myself almost daily. I try to remind myself that though I may not believe them, someday I will.

I have the words "CLEAN" and "Small steps make a big difference".

Finally, I have a picture of my scholarship group with little bows on the corners to remind myself that I am loved, I am a part of something bigger, and that I should focus on the "present" (lol get it).

This board has things on it that I never believed when I was putting them on there. Despite what I was going through, I opened myself up to the opportunity to change. I opened myself up to get help with these struggles and after looking at it for only a few weeks, I finally got that help.

Vision boards are so incredibly important and powerful. This one board in particular guides my actions daily because it is my overarching goal to believe in myself and in all of those words I placed on that board only eight short months ago.

This board got me through treatment. I walked in my room every single day I was at school and saw this board on my shelf before I left that day and before I went to sleep that night. Right now, the board is hanging above my bed.

I encourage anyone who is struggling to make long term goals or anyone struggling with their state of mind right now to make a vision board. I didn't think it was that powerful but as I spoke these words into existence, I witnessed the power of my words and how those words can become reality if I just believe in them.

There's no way that a simple board has "changed my life" but it certainly has guided my actions. I don't have specific goals on mine, because that's just not my gig, but what I do have is the description of the person that I want to be after this year. I have pictures of words of things I want to be, things I want to believe in.

The experience of making this board made a huge difference in my life and has guided the actions I have taken since the day I made it. Sure, sometimes I forget it, but that's just being human--we're all destined to make mistakes.

SO make your board. Dream your dreams. Write your goals. And always remember that you have the potential in you to change, no matter what anyone says or thinks.

You got this.

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