15 Drake Throwback for This Spooky Season
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15 Drake Throwback for This Spooky Season

To all the people that made fun of me for loving Drake when he was on Young Money- LOOK AT HIM NOW.

15 Drake Throwback for This Spooky Season

October's here and you know what that means: Libra and Scorpio season! To celebrate this spooky season I've compiled my favorite (throwback) Drake songs. Back in the good old days, when I used to have an iPod and download music off youtube downloader... I found myself listening to the old Drake and reminiscing about my middle school days. I made a playlist, and although some songs are not on mainstream media, everyone should know about these fire Drake lyrics that made me fall in love with him at 13.

15. Paris Morton Music

Yes, it's a sequel from Aston Martin Music. If you vibe to it, you will also love Drake's short version. I mean com'on, who doesn't love f*ckboy, emotional Drake wearing his heart on his sleeve? Don't get me wrong I love new hardcore Drake, but the reason why he was so successful was because of his original vulnerability.

He raps his truth about his experiences, which happened to be relatable. Now that he's super wealthy he raps about his wealth, which is cool, but I can't afford a presidential suit. I mean, yeah I used to live 2 minutes from the bean, but I don't go through under ground garages, unless he's talking about the upper and lower wacker drive...

(wacker is a major multilevel intersecting street in Chicago).

14. Trust issues and Think good thoughts (tied)

Although they are completely different songs, I can't think of one without thinking of the other. Think good thoughts is one of the first songs I listened to, and the cover is Drake in a black coat in a super aesthetic fall moment. This was the Drake cover I grew up listening to. When he was first starting out he didn't have music videos, and this cover is imprinted in my memory. Trust issues is a classic. I can sing it at the top of my lungs, and a flashback of all the crushes I've ever had run through my mind like a movie trailer.

Both of these songs evoke certain spooky feelings in me, and it's mostly because I was an idiot when it came to guys. Regardless, when I found out that Drake used to be in Degrassi, I dead ass went through a rabbit hole and had to find out everything about Aubrey Graham.

13. The motion

I am biased, I think all of his lyrics are fire. But this song also sounds very aesthetically pleasing. The beat is not only loud, but the back music of a woman singing makes me want to belly dance.

This song makes me want to make shit done. I dead ass have been in my room listening to old Drake and sewing thrifts. I feel like I just want to be by myself and create clothes. I have such a good momentum going, and I'm getting inspired from old Drake.

12. Wildfire

Alright Drake I see you, this beat makes me want to be your mistress, I see you. Is that techno? I should probably research this before I type it, but I'm not. Whatever that alien-esque (that's definitely not a word) beat that kind of sounds like techno reminds me of some ET shit. And then you get a woman singing her sultry part. It's 5 am, and I'm blasting this song in my room, and I'm pretty sure my parents think I' on crack.

11. Club paradise

You know he made this song when he was becoming famous, but wasn't there quite yet. You can literally hear it. He's talking about this new life, while reminiscing on his past. I was blasting this the other day on my way to work. Drake's old music gives me wayyy more energy than his new shit. I guess it's more inspiring, deep, profound, and all the above. Can Drake start singing again pls, our generation needs that Drake rn!

I love this song, because it reminds me of how similar we all are. Like we all have that one fear, and we all spend most of our time invested into what we care about. A lot of my friends either invested their time and energy into their friends, relationships, careers, drugs, and everything in between. We're all just trying to figure it out.

10. Bed Rock


I probably over played this song more than a 13 year old should. I was really young when I heard this, and it definitely gave me the wrong impression on how women should be treated. When I heard this song, I knew I was going to be a trophy wife. I'm not going to explain this right now, but it's a whole thing and I've accepted it. After this song, I started watching Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, and I wanted to be on it so bad, but like I was 13!

Now that I'm older, it's so funny to think of this song, because it's talking about sex, and for some reason when I was young I thought they were talking about the Flinstones, because they had beds made of rocks...

9. Enough Said

Okay, it's a feature, and he doesn't go until the end, but I think his verses are fireeeeee. Okay looking back, this song used to go so hard in my mind, and now I'm just like, "what the f*ck was I going through?".

I do know that when this song came out, I was "trying" to break it off with one of the most toxic guys I know. I started talking to this other guy that went to a different high school, but I didn't actually like him, I liked the idea of him. Okay yeah, I guess I was just in an emotional limbo.

8. Over


You know his introduction is so flame. Maybe you don't know the other songs, but you have got to know this one! I legit still know all the words. I just remember being in middle school playing Sims 2 and blasting Drake in my room. Like why did I think that his music was so relatable? It's not like I went out, and I'm pretty sure I still had my Bratz in my room, like what?

7. Ransom

This is when I knew. I just knew Drake was about to pop off. I know this song is super old, but like com'on.

I probably sound like such a fan girl, and I am. I was barely a teen listening to Drake, and I wanted to live the life he was rapping about. I remember people saying that he's not a rapper because he sings in his songs, but THAT'S THE BEST PART!

6. I'm still fly

Recently I've felt so bored with music. I try to limit my social media and don't have a tiktok. I don't have Spotify, honestly social media overwhelms me and I try to live under a rock as much as possible. All I do is listen to 2000s music, so as I'm typing this I realize that I'm bound to get bored with my music if I only listen to the same 3 playlist, but that's besides the point.

I'm in an old Drake mood, and this songs is definitely on repeat.

5. Dreams money can buy

This songs makes me calm. I used to have such an inner struggle with being "wealthy". My mom is a single mother, and we grew up with subsidized housing and food stamps. There are more factors that made me who I am, but I've always felt like I wanted more. I used to feel ashamed for wanting material things, because it's often associated with unhappiness, or having to "give up your morals" or something.

But I'm okay with that. I know the life I want and I know the stereotype associated with it, and I don't care. I'm going for it. I'm going to work for it, and do everything in my control to have the life I want, and that no longer scares me.

4. Girls love Beyonce

I liked when Drake and Nicki Minaj had a thing, but I LOVED when him and Rihana were making music together. And off course he went and fucked it up and made a song with Chris Brownie. But before he did such things, he made this song!

I ALMOST LOST MY MIND. This is TMI, but girls do love Beyonce. I lost my virginity to Beyonce and had my first orgasm to Mine. So "loving Beyonce" is an understatement. I'm pretty sure the only reason I surfboarded was because of her song.

3. November 18th


I used to scream this at the top of my lungs, even though I was a virgin and had no idea what it even meant. From a young age I was objectified because I hit puberty when I was 11. Listening to Drake got me through all that, and although not the most "correct", I turned out okay. Like I'm fine.

Weirdly, you can play this song on Apple music, but once you download it, it won't play....

This is actually my favorite Drake song. Something about the dude with the deep voice and Drake singing, just does it for me. Especially when he sings the word "f*ck".

2. Unstoppable


This song reminds me of culture, I know it sounds weird. I guess it's just the drums and the girls saying lalalalala. I mean it has the jungle vibes going on. I wish he had more music like this, I just think it sounds so cool.

1. What if I kissed you

You're probably surprised this is number one, but hear me out. This is Drake's ultimate spooky song, because he sings the whole thing. If you want to be in your feelings





Remember, don't Drake and drive, or you might end up at your ex's house!

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