If You're Debating On Skipping Class... Don't!

Fatigue comes so naturally in college that it becomes hard to find the motivation to get out of bed and walk 15 minutes to struggle through an hour and a half lecture at 8 a.m. You glance at the clock from your bed and realize that you have an hour left of freedom before class starts, the reoccurring rhetorical questions commence.

Is it really worth going to class?

Do you think we will do anything significant in class today?

What are the chances that class will get canceled in the next 20 minutes?

Yes, there are endless factors and excuses for why you "need" to skip class, but in the end, your time here is limited, and you can only better yourself and expand your knowledge.

So, if you are looking for a sign to go to class or a little push, here it is.

Around the middle of the semester, we become overwhelmed with the immense amounts of homework assignments, discussion boards, and pop quizzes, that we forget these are the days we once desired. You have worked so hard and continue to put in the work every day to be able to have your name on the class roster. I can lecture about how you or your parents are paying gobs of money for these classes, or somebody that didn't get into your major or your school yearn to be in your seat, but you already know those things. Do not allow stress and procrastination to stand in the way of realizing how exciting learning can be and miss out on the feeling of relief when you understand new information.

So, if we know how lucky we are to be enrolled in these courses, why do we talk ourselves out of going to class?

College courses can make you feel as if you have more responsibilities than the President of the United States and sometimes you think you have to skip a class to catch up in another but believe it or not that is just another excuse. Stress in college is inevitable. Skipping class only adds on to the pressure. The excuse "we're not doing anything important in class" is immensely overplayed. There is always a reason you need to be there or else the class wouldn't exist in the first place.

Of course, there are days when you physically can't make it to class, or you need to take a mental health day. If you don't want the weight of missing a day to hang on your shoulders, have a friend send you the notes or email your teacher to let them know you're sorry you won't be attending today.

You're allowed to make class fun. Attempt to ask a question in one of your classes every day to show your professor you are interested and want to learn more. Surround yourself with people that academically push themselves to help with your lack of motivation. Reward yourself for completing a hard assignment or a combination of small ones you finished throughout the week.

Go to class while you have the chance.
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