We all know THAT girl: the one who's a wreck all the time, constantly stressed and running around like a crazy person. The following seven trends are behaviors you should stop if you don't want to be THAT girl.

1. Drunk texting your ex.


NO NO NO NO NO! DON'T DO IT!!! Ladies, let's leave this in 2018 and make this the year we STOP drunk texting our exes!

2. Procrastinating and then pulling an all-nighter to finish homework.


Listen, I've been guilty of this, but don't get in the cycle of procrastinating and then pulling an all-nighter, then being tired the next day and not doing work, causing another all-nighter... work ahead, force yourself to do work every day, and don't fall behind. AND SLEEP!

3. Spending too much time on your phone.

We all know that person who's constantly on their phone during class, while hanging out with friends, etc. Try putting your phone down and actually enjoying life a little. Instagram will still be there, I promise.

4. Showing up to class 35 minutes late.

Either be on time, or don't show up. If you're any more than five minutes late, it looks bad, and it's distracting. Plus, you're missing important information you PAID to learn, so get your money's worth and show up to class!

5. Juuling.


EVERYONE knows how bad Juuling is for you... nicotine addiction is real, and it's happening to college students everywhere. Before you know it you're taking your Juul to class and writing a paper while Juuling... it's time to stop!

6. Worrying about things that haven't happened.

You can't control everything, as much as you might try. Worry about what you CAN control, and leave what you can't control out of the equation.

7. Comparing yourself to others or judging yourself by how many likes you get.

Everyone is guilty of this. Do people not like me? Why didn't I get as many likes as this other person? Am I not as popular as they are? Stop these thoughts! Your self-worth isn't determined by your social media presence.

Hopefully, these are seven habits you can implement to have a happy, healthy and successful 2019!