When I first found out I had OCD I was eager to figure out how to combat it. I thought that maybe saying encouraging phrases to myself or "fighting" it would help it go away. That wasn't the case with OCD. Imagine OCD as this crazy monster. Every time you suit up to fight it and go to war, you lose. You wound the monster, but it doesn't die; it comes back with MORE heads and is stronger than ever. That is the best way I can depict "fighting" OCD.

Well... that and this picture from Hercules. (Yes, I am a Disney nerd.)

So... how does one handle OCD?

The best way I have been able to overcome OCD is by distracting myself. When I distract myself my focus shifts away from OCD and onto whatever activity I have chosen to distract myself with.

What do I do to distract myself?

- Bake cookies (or just eat the cookie dough....let's be honest)


-Go window shopping

-Get on Pinterest and get lost in the depths of its awesomeness (I promise your mind will wander)

The list could go on and on.

If it distracts your mind from OCD, go for it!

Overall, my best advice is to stop fighting. Distract yourself and maybe you will even find a hobby to help you overcome your OCD.