Throughout my teen years of wearing makeup, I've heard mixed opinions from every girl as we get older. Some of them don't care about makeup and don't know how to apply it to their face, and some have an obsession and have 30 different eye shadow palettes. In this century of loving yourself and your body, I've heard so many people saying, "you don't need makeup" and bashing those who wear it every day.

I am one of those who very rarely goes a day without makeup. I'm the kind of person that feels the need to look presentable pretty much all the time. Dressing nice and putting on makeup makes me feel good about myself. We all have our own ways of making ourselves feel good and showing our love for ourselves. This is just how I express it.

I am here to not contradict or persuade but to give another point of view of this topic. I believe that you shouldn't have to feel bad about wearing makeup everyday. Being able to feel comfortable in our own skin is something that takes a really long time to do. Putting on makeup every day is one of those ways that helps me feel more like myself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup everyday. Makeup isn't there to make you look pretty. I understand that that is what most people believe its purpose to be but they are entirely wrong. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. You can't create what's already there. When you bronze your cheekbones, you're not creating cheekbones. You're bringing more attention to them.

Too many people have the wrong idea about makeup, which is why there can be so many negative connotations surrounding it. But sometimes, people like having extra help. Since puberty, I, unfortunately, got stuck with the one and only skin condition, acne. It's something that many people have, can relate to, and are currently dealing with. Having acne is something that makes me feel uncomfortable, which is one of the reasons why I wear foundation. Some are fortunate enough to not have this problem, and many of those people don't typically wear foundation. But being able to cover up the redness on my face makes me just a little more confident.

Since so many people have this negative connotation of makeup, I feel that it is important to understand what the other side feels. Too many people stick with their own opinions without hearing another's point of view. It is so important to get multiple points of view, so you can better understand where people stand and why they feel that way. Most of the time, we think that it's our way or the highway. We never just take a moment to see how the other feels. This is something I've been trying to work on. Everyone has an opinion but it doesn't mean it's right.