Never Be Afraid To Be Yourself

The Best Decision I've Ever Made

On November 24th, 2019, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I was baptized in front of hundreds of people on a Sunday morning at Hill City Church. Getting baptized doesn't mean that now I am saved, it is just a proclamation of faith to everyone. I was finally ready to let everyone know that I am a Christian. Getting baptized was something that had been on my mind for the longest time. Growing up, going to church, I had seen many people experience overwhelming amounts of joy after being baptized, and I wanted to experience that for myself. I just had to leap into doing it.

What Are You So Afraid Of?

I believe that everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable in their skin. I knew for a long time that I was a Christian and wanted to continue towards a Christ-centered life. But I was always uncomfortable to associate myself with being a Christian. Until I came to Missouri State and was surrounded by an amazing community of people both at the school and at Hill City, I was ashamed of my religion. To think of where I have come from at the beginning of this semester to now is amazing to think about. How much growth and love I have experienced in that time is unbelievable. Looking back, I continue to ask myself what I was so scared of. I was lying to myself for the longest time about who I was.

My Encouragement To You

What's the point of denying yourself of who you are any longer? I waited for so long and I felt unfulfilled while doing so. I don't expect to convert anyone to Christianity by writing this article, nor was that my intention. My point is that being a Christian was such a major part of my life that I couldn't express publicly. It feels horrible to keep such an important aspect secret to everyone. Once I made the leap I couldn't have been more elated with the decision that I made and I wish that same joy onto anyone. My encouragement to you is to leap. Take the leap because you have to.

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