Emotional Cheating Is Cheating
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Emotional Cheating Is Cheating... Period

Physical touch is always a no -- what about a flirty connection?

Emotional Cheating Is Cheating... Period

A good majority of us have been there. Our partners decide for some reason or another, the temptation of someone else for a night (or two or three or four or...) is too much to resist. We're left heartbroken and crying into a tub of ice cream (or two or three or four or…).

Sure, lust can be too much to handle for some people, but what happens when it's not just physical? What happens when the emotion takes over? You should know what to look for.

Emotional cheating usually starts out as a friendship. By no means should you start concerning yourself with your S.O.'s BFFs, but if you notice it getting a little flirty, maybe it's time to worry.

Emotional cheating is different from "regular" cheating in that there's no sexual contact. Intimate secrets can be shared, sexual attraction can be expressed, romantic emotion can be exchanged, but most importantly, it is hidden from the other partner.

The Dangers of Emotional Affairs

Emotional cheating can stem from a lot of things. The cheater in question could be unhappy in their relationship. They could be in denial or feel monogamy isn't right for them. They might not want to hurt their kids with a divorce and decide carrying on a romantic connection with another person will fulfill them.

There's no issue in having a best friend of the opposite gender, but when one is sharing their intimacy with their friend instead of with their partner, it's emotional cheating.

It's taking what is meant to be between partners and putting that energy into another person.

The issue with emotional cheating is the impact it has on the other partner. Secret keeping and seeing their S.O. a little too close to someone else can make them feel crazy, jealous, and insecure.

People without trust issues can suddenly become suspicious, left questioning their own morals by going through their partner's phone because of their strong suspicions. If they find they're right, those people without trust issues will gain them. Often, if emotional cheating is left unchecked, it will turn into a full-blown affair, according to experts.

Here's the golden rule of thumb: if you feel like you're sneaking around, then you're doing something wrong. Honesty is the most important part of a relationship, and no matter your circumstances, there are never exceptions to this rule.

There's no excuse to put another person through a ringer and leave them with trust issues and lasting consequences.

If you want something, or someone else, it's time to call it quits. Don't put your partner through the fallout of an affair because you wanted a little someone on the side.

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