Donald Trump: The Shit Stain On Society's Underwear
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Donald Trump: The Shit Stain On Society's Underwear

Donald Trump: The Shit Stain On Society's Underwear

Donald Trump. The man who has talked about building a wall to separate the United States from Mexico for over a year...The man who has put a travel ban on 7 Muslim countries, but a Muslim Canadian citizen was denied entry at the border...The man who talks about grabbing women by the "p*ssy," and still somehow has a huge following.

Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture? People actually went out on and voted for xenophobia, racism, and sexism and claimed it would "Make America Great Again."

How is that great? Is it because people are actually that sick in the head that they think this type of behavior is okay?

The man has no political experience whatsoever, over 10 of his business have declared bankruptcy, he refuses to release his tax records to the public, all of his businesses are sourced over seas, yet he claims to be "bringing the jobs home." I guess that doesn't apply to you, Mr. Trump. Otherwise, the tags on all of your clothing lines wouldn't say "Made in China."

If America decided to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror, Donald Trump would be the reflection. After all of the progress, we as American's have made over the years in civil rights, one election can erase six decades of social change.

The world is laughing at us right now. People who make less than 40 thousand a year went out a voted for a man who is worth billions. As if a billionaire is actually going to stop the corruption of the major corporations? That he actually would raise taxes on the rich in order to help the poor? You must be ignorant, uneducated, or both.

Donald Trump played you all. The funny thing is, his supporters are finding every excuse in the book to make his irresponsible actions justified. That's sad. I'm sad to say I live in a country where hate is so widely accepted and even encouraged. I think people need to take a long hard look at themselves and think about what they've done, and how it contributes to the digression of this country.

Impeach Trump now, before history repeats itself. Before it's too late.

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