Why You Should Vote Trump
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Why You Should Vote Trump

I'm not telling you who to vote for, but...

Why You Should Vote Trump

Disclaimer: I'm not voting for Trump this upcoming election and neither should you.

There are many reasons why I don't like Trump, don't trust him, and certainly don't want him to be the leader of our nation. I will not delve into all of them because frankly I don't have the time nor effort to write a piece resembling an essay.

The driving reason I am appalled by a human like Donald Trump strikes a chord in the very core of my being; his involvement in making our society a rape culture and the fact people scoff and completely dismiss it almost physically hurts my body. His disrespect for women has been blatant throughout the election, and clearly goes back decades to demonstrate his role in sexism.

As a woman who is a victim survivor of sexual abuse, I cannot be more appalled at the fact people simply don't give a damn.

If you read this and want to say, "But Kelsey, we are not a rape culture!" I will tell you this:

Don't tell me we are not. My abuser is the product and I am the result of rape culture -- our rape culture.

Let me be clear: I am aware women falsely accuse; some people call "rape" when they mean regret, but because of false accusations and the attention they get from media and from society, real victims are hushed. The more important idea to consider is all of the women who are victim-blamed because of the overwhelming idea it's a false allegation.

Instead of questioning Trump, we are questioning the women and their motives. We have this ridiculous notion there's a convenient timeframe in which a women should report sexual assault and if the window expires, it invalidates the assault. We have this idea women seek fame, attention, some kind of twisted glory by fabricating tales of abuse. We question the truth of a woman's statement instead of looking deeper into the layer's of the accused. We dismiss a man's potential crime to scrutinize the true intent of a woman. We don't want to believe how prevalent rape is in our nation. We don't want to believe it happens on our college campuses, in our neighborhoods, to our families or friends. We don't want to believe people we consider our friends are capable of rape. We victim-blame and shame. We objectify and constantly look for excuses to protect a patriarchal mindset.

No, not all men are like this, but then again, boys will boys... right?

Listen to me: I never told authorities. I never got involved with the police. I never pressed charges. I never truly spoke up about it. I was afraid. I knew I'd never win a case.

But that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

For months, I doubted myself. I questioned what I felt and whether the memories I had were skewed in some ways. It never sat right with me, but I buried it under notions of self-doubt and low esteem. I blamed myself, I told myself it wasn't his fault. I told myself he was imperfect and flawed and everyone makes mistakes. I was afraid to even mention the idea of sexual assault because I was scared of his reaction; I was scared of how he might try to tear me down. I spent months trying to find excuses, to try to justify it, to try to ignore it and erase it and deny it. I spent months telling myself I was wrong because of how society portrayed rape.

I couldn't heal. I was self-destructive. I was problematic. I was all of these things because I was trying to suppress a trauma I was inherently taught to believe was my fault, or better yet, didn't really happen or exist.

When I see Trump's supporters excusing Trump for the degradation on his tongue, it makes me nauseous. It frightens me because our society will move backwards instead of forwards. I look at the young girls today and I am filled with worry because with a man like Trump, their mouths will be silenced -- and if they do have the courage to stand forward, they will be mocked, ridiculed, and their words will not be trusted.

I fear for our future. I don't want to see people rise to believe they are superior to another group of people. I don't want to see people like Tomi Lahren and her fanbase rise to popularity to capture the young minds of our country.

Trump is an exhibition of sexist, bigoted, racist ideals and I'm terrified for not only the young women of our future, but also the young men. How are we supposed to expect young men to respect women, respect fellow humans, when a man who embodies disrespect is the frontrunner of our country?

Women need to be respected, protected, treated as humans. Yes, it's important to consider and remember we are your daughters, your wives, your girlfriends, your sisters, your mothers, but more importantly: we are people. We are people. We deserve to be treated as such.

It breaks my heart I personally know people who are dead-set on voting for Donald Trump. I'm not saying you need to vote for the person whom you've antagonized as "Killary," but I cannot feel more disappointed in American people for still supporting, backing, and putting whatever faith they claim they have into a man like Donald Trump.

Please, I ask you to listen to me when I say I am utterly terrified of the possibility of a man like Donald Trump becoming the POTUS, the president of a nation I call home.

I am terrified the instillation of the same (wrong) mindset that victims are to blame will further solidify in young women's minds if Trump becomes the face of our country.

I am terrified this country will become further divided because our fear metastasizes in our veins in our minds and we seek comfort in ignorance because its easier than fighting for equality. I don't want to see what this country would be like under the reign of someone so supreme like Trump.

Someone once told me people often hate way more than they love in our country and I cannot stress how true this statement is -- I don't want to see our nation become swallowed by this hatred.

We cannot make America "great" again because the so-called "greatness" this country apparently possessed was based in ideals of racism, sexism, prejudice, hatred, and most of all: ignorance. America was only great for white men of status -- America was great for its white privilege.

We cannot have a bigoted man speak for us, represent us, and drive us further back into the pages of our History textbooks. I know I could very well receive backlash for this -- people accusing me of being too liberal, too sensitive, attribute it to my millennial status. People could blame feminism and believe I'm a misandrist. I don't hate men and I don't believe men are evil. People will say I'm rah-rah for Hillary and start to list why Trump is better than her. Hillary is certainly not ideal and she is not perfect, but this is not titled "Why You Should Vote For Hillary."

I'm simply saying Trump is dangerous for our country and our people. I'm not telling you to vote for Hillary, but I am asking you to please, please reconsider who you vote for this November.

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