The Best Instagram Photo Spots at Walt Disney World
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Instagram Photos You MUST Take On Your Next Visit to Walt Disney World

Bring Disney Magic to your Instagram followers with these unique photo ideas!

Instagram Photos You MUST Take On Your Next Visit to Walt Disney World
Wally Gobetz - Flickr

Part of the fun of going to Walt Disney World is taking pictures! Of course, you'll find yourself taking pictures with the obligatory park landmarks (such as Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom or Spaceship Earth in Epcot) or characters.

But if you love posting visually stunning or goofy photos on Instagram, you should totally kick your photos up a notch to impress your followers and snag "likes" from them! Let's tour Disney World park-by-park for unique spots you might have overlooked before...

Magic Kingdom

1. Cinderella's Wishing Well

@kattwyllie - Instagram

This is one of the few quiet spots at Magic Kingdom, complete with a gorgeous side view of Cinderella Castle, beautiful greenery, and the enchanting Cinderella Wishing Well. This spot, located on a path alongside the castle, makes for a fun photo opportunity as you make a wish in the well! Caption your photo with one of many Disney quotes about wishes!

2. Cinderella's Castle

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

If you're a princess like me, you're DYING to live in a castle—especially Cinderella Castle! When you head toward Cinderella Castle, you'll find these gates on the left side of the castle guarding a Cast Member entrance. If you're desperate to take residence in this magnificent castle, make it known with this hilarious photo! Then explain your desperation in your caption along with the hashtag #LetMeIn!

3. The Hub

@darlingsindisney - Instagram

Everyone's first thought when entering Magic Kingdom is to stop in the middle of Main Street to snap a picture with Cinderella Castle. But if you keep walking past Main Street, you'll actually find a lovelier area to take a photo with the castle: the Hub. The Hub is the courtyard in front of the castle with patches of grass where you can sit down and enjoy the beauty of the castle—and snag a gorgeous photo while you're there! Caption your photo with the hashtag #HubGrassAndChill and describe how you're feeling in the moment!

4. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

@boni99 - Instagram

Since there's no on-ride photography for Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, why not take a selfie? Think about it: you've already scrambled to snag the perfect horse, so you HAVE TO document it with a photo! And then caption it with this adorable hashtag: #Carouselfie!

(Note: Selfie Sticks are NOT allowed at the parks!)

5. Gaston's Tavern

@bestedparker464 - Instagram

Just as the Beauty and the Beast area of Fantasyland would be incomplete without Gaston's Tavern, Gaston's Tavern would DEFINITELY be incomplete without Gaston's chair! Don't be shy to sit in his chair for a fun photo—and pose as if you own the place! Caption your photo with your favorite Gaston quote or a lyric from the song "Gaston"!

6. Liberty Square

@hireariel - Instagram

Liberty Square has the least to offer park guests compared to the other "lands" in Magic Kingdom, but it does offer a fun spot for a photo opportunity: a colonial-style pillory! Ideal for a photo with a friend or family member as your "partner-in-crime," caption it with a silly idea of a "Disney crime" you committed, along with the hashtag #DisneyJail.


7. Spaceship Earth

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

Spaceship Earth is one of those "obligatory photo spots" I was talking about earlier, but why not kick your photo up a notch by posing as if you are "holding" the park's landmark! Most people might think to attempt this illusion photo in the Legacy Plaza, which is the area you wander into upon entering the park, but I had better results capturing the illusion by posing for the photo outside of the park near the parking lot! Caption your photo with something witty about "holding" Spaceship Earth for some laughs and likes!

8. Bubblegum Wall

@pixiedustbowtique - Instagram

These walls on the outside of Spaceship Earth have become a beloved spot for Instagram photos because of its bright colors of pink and blue! Stand in front of the wall and strike your most fabulous pose! Then caption your photo however you like, but if you use the hashtag #BubblegumWallPhotos (and your privacy settings are off), you might get regrammed by the Instagram account @BubblegumWallPhotos!

9. Fountains near Imagination Pavilion

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

These fountains in front of the theater that houses the "Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival" are mesmerizing to watch, but very few consider taking a picture with them! If you have a skilled photographer in your party, ask him or her to snap a picture of you as water leaps over you—which will take multiple tries to get the timing right! Or, if you're brave like me, you can stand where the ground is wet to get splashed by the fountain, and capture a reaction shot of the moment on camera! Caption it with a quote about imagination, fitting for its location near the Imagination Pavilion!

10. Club Cool in Future World

@iamcindysimmons - Instagram

If you've never stopped by Club Cool in Future World, not only have you have missed out on sampling international sodas, but also a hilarious Instagram video opportunity! I don't want to spoil this genuinely funny experience, but your reaction to your first sampling of Beverly, a soda from Italy, MUST be caught on camera! Then describe your experience in your caption along with the hashtag #TryTheBeverly!

11. U.K. Pavilion

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

Take a step into the past of telecommunications (literally) into one of the red phone booths in the U.K. Pavilion of the World Showcase! You can find this gem, which used to feature a fun Easter Egg, near the Rose and Crown Pub. Caption it with something witty about your (imaginary) phone conversation and who was on the other end!

Disney Hollywood Studios

12. Chinese Theater Handprints

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

When the Great Movie Ride was still open (and yes, I'm still salty about it...), guests would walk over these handprints all the time without knowing that they're ACTUAL handprints from iconic stars—including Audrey Hepburn, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, and many more! Find your favorite to kneel down and take a photo with—but make sure you're not blocking their name! Caption it by describing what that specific star means to you!

13. The Claw!

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

My favorite characters in "Toy Story" are the "Little Green Men" from Pizza Planet, so when I found this adorable "claw game" photo opportunity spot on the queue for the Woody and Buzz meet and greet location, I HAD to jump in for a photo as if I was in my favorite scene from "Toy Story"! Caption this photo with your favorite movie quote from those lovable aliens, such as my personal favorite: "The Claw decides who will go and who will stay."

UPDATE (7/30/18): As of June 2018 (and the grand opening of Toy Story Land), this photo opportunity is no longer available.

14. Toy Story Mania Ride

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

If you're super-competitive, be quick to act on this photo opportunity near the end of the Toy Story Mania ride! Have your phone handy for when the final game score appears on the screen to quickly snap a picture of your winning (or losing) score! And be sure to tag your competitor in the caption, along with the hashtag #ToyStoryMania!

Disney's Animal Kingdom

15. Kilimanjaro Safari Ride

@mrs_s_zeitler - Instagram

This is also a photo opportunity that requires quick action along with good timing: a Safari Selfie! When you spot a favorite animal while on board the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride, act fast to snag a selfie with your animal friend! Caption it with something witty about the animal, along with the hashtag #DisneySafariSelfie!

16. Harambe Market Graffiti Art

@magicwithmallory - Instagram

This part of Animal Kingdom lined with shops and food spots is decorated with walls of beautiful and inspiring graffiti art, such as one featuring this quote: "It does not matter who you are or where you are from. We are all children of the world." Take a photo with your favorite work of "street art" in this area and caption it with what it means to you.

At any park!

17. Disney + Starbucks

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

When I last visited the Starbucks on Main Street in Magic Kingdom, OF COURSE the Barista knew (without asking) that I was a Princess, and wrote "Princess Julia" on my cup—which made for a great photo opportunity! When the Barista at one of the Starbucks locations at each park asks for your name, tell them something fun (without straying too far from your name!) Caption your photo with something witty about the name you chose to have written on your beverage!

18. Mickey-shaped Food!

@juliamazza.writer - Instagram

If you buy your favorite Mickey-shaped food to eat in one of the parks (ice cream, waffles, pretzels, etc.), don't be so quick to eat it—snap a picture with it first! Before you dig in, show your followers your excitement to eat a treat shaped like the Mouse! Caption your post by expressing how foods taste better when they're Mickey-shaped, and include a hashtag with the specific food that you're snacking on! (#MickeyShapedPretzel, for example.)

19. Throwback Photo!

@julie__romero - Instagram

If you're an adult who has also visited Disney World with your family as a child, why not recreate an old photo? Pick an old photo (the sillier or sweeter, the better) and save it on your phone so it's accessible at the parks. Then go to the EXACT same location where it was taken with the EXACT same people who were in the photo while posing EXACTLY the same way you did when the photo was taken. Your followers will ADORE seeing the two photos side-by-side (collage-style) along with the hashtag #DisneyThenAndNow!

What do you think is the most Instagrammable spot at Disney World? Tweet me your faves @missjulia1207!

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