Disney Movies To Watch On A Bad Day

10 Disney Movies That Will Lift Your Spirits On A Not So Magical Day

Disney movies are the purest form of magic that can brighten any sour mood.


If your day was boring, stressful, or just down right tragic, a disney movie is certainly the answer. Curl up on the couch, pop some popcorn and drown yourself in your favorite sweets. Turn on one of these films and let the world of princesses and talking furniture take you out of the sometimes cold real world into a world where anything is possible. But make sure to see the lessons in these movies that show real life can be just as magnificent if we let it, it just may take a story before getting our happy ever after.

1. Aladdin


Whether it's the classic original version with the beloved animated characters and ultimate genie, Robin Williams, or the new and wonderful life action, this movie is always going to brighten your day. With the magic carpet that has a personality of it's own, a cheeky not-quite-prince, and an incredible soundtrack, you can't go wrong with this gem of a film. And don't knock the life action until you give it a go, because it's a great addition to this classic.

2. Tangled


If not my favorite Disney film of all time, it's definitely at least top three. If Flynn Rider isn't one of the best princes, I don't know what to tell ya. And Rapunzel is such a delightful and relatable princess. The many characters in this movie make it so much fun, and the music is top notch. The whole story is non-stop perfection if I do so say so myself. But the ending is the best of all, proving that this is one of the greatest Disney love stories.

3. Mulan


Mulan is hands down my favorite princess. She shows how fierce women are and inspires everyone who watches (boys, too!) what it is to be courageous and fearless. No matter what, Mulan always fought to do what was right. I think this film definitely can not just lift your spirits, but give you a spark that you can overcome anything. She started out doubting herself, but in the end she saved China. You can accomplish great things too when you don't give up!

4. Moana


Moana is such an amazing adventure. We see this girl with so much purpose and dreams, and it reminds us of ourselves. Sometimes we may face fear or people telling us we can't accomplish something. But don't give up on what God has called you to do and what your purpose is. Moana faced an entire ocean and was able to help her people. Besides the great message, this movie is just a blast. The music is enough reason to turn on this film and crank the volume.

5. The Princess Diaries


This movie is a classic and you can't deny that. Anne Hathaway found her breakout role as a newbie princess and she was perfect at it. Take a spin through old school San Francisco, while grabbing some pizza with m&ms and jamming to early 2000's tunes. This movie is just fun to watch, especially on a gloomy day where you just want to relax and have some laughs. And remind yourself that anyone can be a princess, even when you feel your most awkward.

6. Snow Dogs


This movie is hilarious and it has dogs, so you can't go wrong. It's not the most well-known Disney film, so you may be getting something new with this one. It's definitely worth watching. You'll gain a new appreciation for snow dogs, because they are just amazing animals. This film has a lot of heart and leaves you with a great message. Sometimes your journey will go somewhere you never expected. Like a Miami dentist ending up in Alaska with a gang of snow dogs and a new dad. But purpose can find you in the unexpected.

7. Frozen


Hate it all you want, but Frozen is a great film. It may be overhyped and you may have seen it too many times back in it's heyday, but I bet if you watch it now you'll enjoy it. Everything in this movie is fantastic. It's a great showcase of family, sacrifice, and it's got a talking snowman, so what else do you need? But really, the reindeer makes the movie.

8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe


This is one of those movies you just have to see. It's so magical and really brings you on an adventure. The characters are so interesting and the story is always going to stand the test of time. The ending is really good and honestly if you haven't seen it, you just have to give it a go.

9. Herbie Fully Loaded


If you want to see Lindsey Lohan in her prime, I think this is one of her best. But really, Herbie makes the movie. I love how a little car can have so much personality and heart. It shows how great Disney is and how wonderful this film is. I think this movie will always make anyone smile and lift their spirits. It's just a very happy and sweet story, and definitely one that people don't always remember to watch. But it's a good one for anyone that just wants a nice laugh and a good inspiring message to go with it.

10. Hannah Montana: The Movie


I was a big Hannah Montana fan back in the day, as most Disney Channel viewers were at my age. It was an awesome show, and the movie was no different. I think this movie will never get old, even if you go years between watching it. The music is great (there's even a Taylor Swift cameo). It's funny, but there's also a lot of sweet moments in it. You will probably have the Hoedown Throwdown stuck in your head for a few days, but it's a great song, so don't count this one out!

Keep this list for when gloomy days arrive and you need a pick me up of Disney goodness.

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