Dismantling False Masculinity
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Dismantling False Masculinity

This is a guide to repeal and replace fragile, false masculinity with a truer, stronger masculinity.

Dismantling False Masculinity
Wall Street Journal

Men in the modern Eurocentric society are indoctrinated with certain "macho" values, such as concealing emotions, being able to bench their weight, and excelling at contact sports like rugby and American football. If a man were to cry openly, hardly be able to curl his high school book bag, or dislike sports, he'd be labelled a "wimp" or a "wuss". If he participated in activities such as cheerleading or theatre, he'd be called a "fag" or "cuck". Unfortunately, this seemingly childish name calling is too common. This almost religious dogma of masculinity is very fragile in that the slightest "violation" can brand you as "feminine", which is considered an insult (for some reason). This "masculine" mindset is not only weak, but a false sense of manhood, which is also terrible for these "masculine" men's health. How can we defeat this harmful thought process? There are a multitude of steps. Let's repeal and replace the "values" of False Masculinity.

1. Eliminate: Maximise your muscle

You don't need to be a bodybuilder to "be a man". In fact, such a mindset can degrade your health. Body dysmorphia, exercise addiction, anabolic steroid addiction, and muscle injury are only the most common results of this unhealthy value. Extreme cases can lead to chronic illnesses, paralysis, and even death. This is especially common among high school and college students, especially athletes.

Instead: Take care of your body

You don't need to be a beefcake, but it's necessary to take care of your health. Consider a regular sleep pattern of sleeping at 9 PM (lights out at 8 PM) and rising at 6 AM. Try to create a workout routine before or after breakfast, or start taking martial arts lessons. Perhaps join a sports team (it doesn't have to be football or basketball. It could be tennis, swimming, ballet, or even polo). Meditation is a staple in keeping a healthy connection between mind and body, thus it is a very good idea to meditate. Avoid drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. And of course, be careful of what you eat. Your body will always thank you for listening to it and nourishing it. Be a man, and look after yourself.

2. Eliminate: Force your feelings down

Keeping your emotions hidden can be seen as stoic and cool, like a stone. While it is considered a good thing in the societal view, it isn't the case intrapersonally. Forcing all of your emotions into one corner of your brain and left alone can lead to a lot of mental instability. This can result in sudden outbursts of violence, anxiety issues, higher insecurities, and even death by accumulating neurotoxins.

Instead: Keep your emotions under control

Of course, while forcing your feelings down isn't healthy, neither is letting them completely govern you. It's best to express your emotions with control. It's okay to be sad or angry, and you should show it, but don't let your emotions cause harm to people around you (uncontrolled emotions are a key cause of domestic violence). Yoga, meditation, and martial arts are useful self-help materials to control emotions, and there are plenty of professionals more than willing to help. Be a man, and keep your mind in balance.

3. Eliminate: Get rich

In almost every culture, a man who isn't wealthy isn't desirable. This is so especially in wealthy countries like the United States. Everyone wants to be an A-List celebrity, a CEO, a Boss. And those who didn't make it are simply "failures" or "second class". This case is worst in honour cultures like Japan, where the shame is so great, some may go to the extremes of suicide (20 of 100,000 Japanese men aged 20-44 will take their own lives). This pressure can also push men to commit crimes, develop insecurities, and perform a number of other reckless actions to fuel their ambition.

Instead: Learn to manage your money

You shouldn't feel pressured to become a millionaire, but do try to be frugal. Know the differences between wants and needs, create a line between spending and investment, discipline yourself against impulse consumerism, create a daily budget limit which cannot be exceeded, and set the unspent money aside to be redeposited, and if you can, gradually lower the spending limit. It doesn't matter how wealthy you are as long as you are living productively and comfortably. Be a man, and keep your cheques in check.

4. Eliminate: Be the boss

The Alpha Male is a powerful patriarchal construct which is one of the more damaging mindsets. This is a kind of man who overestimates his own worth. He believes he is entitled to anything and everything. Such a man has a demeaning and egotistical atmosphere about him, and he'll make fun of men who don't share his values. With this attitude, people will be turned away, bridges will be burned, roads of opportunity closed (a prime reason why so many people around the world resent Donald Trump).

Instead: Be your own boss

Rather than actively exerting your power on other people, exert that power to better yourself. The ability to control yourself will already draw people to you, through your own charisma and drive. Being your own boss doesn't have to be entrepreneurship, or even career based at all. Treat other people with respect, find your passions and pursue them, know your true worth, and create value in everything you do, whether you're working a 9 to 5, or are the CEO of your own business. Be the CEO of your own life. Be a man, and be free.

At the end of the day, the components of true masculinity can all be merged into one, large, central value:

Be a man, and be your best self.

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