15 Facts About Cuffing Season You Didn't Know
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15 Facts About Cuffing Season That All People Who Are Desperate To Be Cuffed Should Know

Cuffing season is upon us.

15 Facts About Cuffing Season That All People Who Are Desperate To Be Cuffed Should Know

T'was the night before cuffing season and all through campus, not a student was scarring, not a freshman. CUFFING SEASON is upon us. You know, that time of year where people always seem to get caught up in relationships? More like "Falling in love" than the season of Fall, am I right?

According to Urban Dictionary, Cuffing Season is defined as:

During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be "Cuffed" or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

I've always thought of cuffing season as a little humorous because you see all these things happen before you, and a lot of people deny that they are falling to the cuffing season tricks of being a relationship. So, since cuffing season is about to begin, I looked up some facts that about cuffing season that I thought, sounded kind of odd, but actually, make a lot of sense.

1. You are more likely to listen to more 'emo' music.

In the summer, everyone is out, partying, going to the bars or clubs, and just being social. But once the first leaf turns, your mood is more likely to go from listening to savage Cardi-B to sappy Drake.

2. Northern states are more likely to participate in cuffing season than southern states. 

When it gets cold outside, we all want somebody to snuggle. Can't do that down south when its ninety degrees down south though!

3. You start to think if you really want to try 'Netflix and Chilling'.

The thought of having someone having your favorite person watching your favorite show and possibly doing something more *ahem ahem. You know, sounds real nice.

4. Cuffing season has basically been around since the beginning of time. 

Way back when, cavemen would group together when the weather starts to get cold in order to survive. People were also more likely to survive in a pack than being alone.

5. You are significantly more likely to get engaged during cuffing season. 

And it is even stronger around Christmas and New Years!

6. You are more likely to get a DM when it is snowing outside. 

When you are locked in your house for the day from the blizzard that has struck your town, what better way to pass the time than to slide in some DMs?

7. You face more peer pressure to bring a date to holiday parties than other times of the year. 

No one wants to be bae-less when it comes to being under the mistletoe or when the clock strikes midnight on new years. Family might ask you where your S.O. is, or if you even have one, and you are a little embarrassed to say 'no', the peer pressure for a holiday-bae is on.

8. People in warm places are still affected. 

Even though it is not getting cold where you might live, your mentality, no matter if you are in school or not, follows the school year calendar. (So September still marks as the beginning of cuffing season for them)!

9. Men are more inclined to find a relationship during cuffing season than women. 

Statistically speaking, men are 15% more likely to reach out and are inclined to get in a relationship, while women are only 5% more inclined.

10. People who speak "romantic" languages are more likely to fall to in love during cuffing season.

Ah, the language of love.

11. Preseason to cuffing season is September 1st-October 1st.

This is the time where everyone is on the prowl.

12. The regular cuffing season is October 1st- March(ish)

That's a good six months of your life to be cuffed, and sometimes it feels like a lifetime.

13. Cuffing season is the time you are most likely going to go back to an ex. 

And it is either going to end really good, or really bad.

14. Halloween is during cuffing season, and it is the holiday you are more likely to have sex, out of any other holiday of the year.

You thought it was Valentine's Day? That has to run for a close second. With all the provocative Halloween costumes out and about, and more single people out to party, along with the ones that are taken, the amount of people having sex that night skyrockets ten-fold.

15. These relationships tend to be more casual than serious.

Since these are bound to last only a few months long, they really are more casual than serious when you look back on the whole thing. Plus in March, spring cleaning is in full swing.

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