Music plays a huge role in influencing people in many ways, and in this case, I felt something dark while listening to music one night. I was staring at my notebook, feeling hopeless and stuck, and this piece started flowing onto the page as the music got more intense. Dark music often inspires beautiful creativity you didn't know you were capable of.

Whether you're feeling lonely, scared, empty, etc., this is a poem you will not only enjoy reading but will feel as well.


Torn leaves scatter upon broken paths

Meandering around organically

Grown cypress groves hidden offshore

Beyond abandoned waters.

Memories tied down by anchors attached

To ships long gone; now submerged beneath regret.

Buried under footprints now faded,

Dauntless dreams die

Bugs buzz by bodies sticky with moist,

Dripping perspiration now beading

Together like distant wolf packs whose howls

Echo throughout branches

Slowly, yet surely

Waving wildly from only winds and word-

Less whispers floating off tongues of loss souls

Tangled up in scattered leaves upon broken paths.