I exceeded the amount of storage on my iCloud. Now was finally the time to actually sort through my phone and make space for more of my useless crap in the future.

And, as I began looking through all my infinite scroll of messages and group chats, I started at the bottom and worked my way up, deleting what was unnecessary and saving what I needed like precious photos or videos. And, during this process, the nostalgia feeling kept hitting me as I looked at past names and conversations with close friends. I kept scrolling cringe conversations and realized how much I have grown since I got my iPhone (four years).

Yet, the aching pain of time and distance hit me. Many of these people I would not see in a while or would never see again, since graduating high school. Are they are off living better lives? Would they remember these stupid times and conversations only made up of memes?

Yet, at this point in time, some relationships reached their peak in the past and can never be rekindled due to circumstance. And, although I knew there was no point in keeping them, these group chats or direct message with others, I couldn't erase them in the end. Maybe I was trying to hold onto them in the past and memories.

Yet, although, I do admit some things are better left forgotten or are already forgotten. Often, some names became lost through time, and I had no idea who some of the names were. And, looking at that made me realize who many small things and people lead me up to the moment I am living right now. And, for those conversations that were best left deleted, I could confidently delete the past and only looking forward.

Looking at the old messages of a boy, I used to like and cut out of my life, I realize that some things are meant to be deleted. It's better not to remember things sometimes. Make room and save that extra GB for something that really matters. Or, buy more storage on iCloud.