I'm very tall for a girl, six foot to be exact, therefore, I carry more weight than most girls.

Most of my life, all of my friends have been a lot tinier than I am. I've never been ashamed of my body or even cared that my friends were smaller than me. I've always walked tall and carried myself with pride, but with all this talk about body shaming and Victoria's Secret not accepting plus sized women for their brand. I asked myself, "what size do you have to be to be considered plus sized?"

I was shocked when I took to Google to find that a plus-sized woman in the United States is a size eight and up in the modeling world. Literally shocked. I was a size eight to ten most of high school and I'm currently at a ten to a twelve (college fifteen, ya know), but I have never once considered myself to be plus size. I've never had to shop in that department, hell I've never even worn an extra large unless I was going for that oversized fit.

I've always considered myself to be pretty average. I always figured that I'm so tall, this is normal.

Seeing these statistics made me ask for the first time, am I considered a plus sized woman in the U.S.?

Then I got to thinking, it's no wonder there is so much body image negativity going around. Just by making a Google search, I'm over here rethinking how confident I am about my body and that's coming from a girl that's never thought twice about any of this. Imagine if someone who is self-esteem issues comes across this.

What's even more shocking is that 68% of women in the U.S. wear a size fourteen and the average woman is one-hundred-sixty-eight pounds and wears a size sixteen to eighteen.

After questioning my confidence, I then wondered who gets to decide if I'm considered plus sized or not? The first website that popped up on Google? Most definitely not. Social media? My friends? Victoria's Secret? No, I'm going to let the looks of my body speak for itself.