History was never really my thing until I got into high school. I started learning about past events. Those pasts events happened in different decades. I started researching stuff about different decades and realized past decades were way better than today! There were so many things that made past decades better than today's decade.

1. Dating and Relationships

In the 50's, the way we treated one another was with much more respect and it was more personal then we have today. I will refrain from details but it blows my mind how fast things move and the lack of tradition and respect along with it. When did it become obsolete to walk a girl to the door or her car. When is opening the door for a girl to much? What happened to people just going out on dates getting to know each other and it not escalating to anything further. Sometimes I wish a boy would just take me on a date, get a milkshake and then just talk with me. Most importantly when did it become unpopular to respect a girls boundaries.

2. Entertainment, Music, Movies

Entertainment today is all about The Kardashians, vulgar music and dirty comedy movies. Past decades had some of the best entertainment, music, and movies. The 50s had I Love Lucy and drive-ins, The 70s had Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac, and Life on Mars by David Bowie (BEST MUSICIAN EVER), the 80s had The Goonies, Flashdance, and The Breakfast Club.

3. Protests

One thing I liked about past decades were people uniting for a common cause. During the 70s there were plenty of marches and protests: Anti- war protests, womens and animal rights marches, and anti-racism and sexism marches. I have noticed this decade and especially after the election there have been many marches and protests. No matter your view on a subject I think anyone coming together for a common cause is something beautiful. It was very prevalent in past decades.

4. Technology and Home Life

Up until the 21st century there was no social media which definitely has it pros. Before social media and texting people actually had to sit and talk to each other. Many of my friends don’t even eat dinner as a family anymore. My grandma told me as a child in the 40s, her family always ate dinner together and everyone always spent so much time together. Many families don’t do that anymore, everyone is just so into what’s going on on Twitter and Facebook instead of each others lives.