Dear Lil' Tater Tots
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Dear Lil' Tater Tots

A letter to my campers.

Dear Lil' Tater Tots

Dear my lil tater tots,

Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher this past summer. Thank you for the goofy laughs, the spooky stories, the many love-filled hugs, and the countless inside jokes we made throughout this summer. Know that I was almost in tears when you all wanted to move in with me for school. Thank you for sharing your candy with me from your lunches and snacks, although I never asked for any. Thank you for the many notes and drawings I received in this short time frame; thank you all.

You guys were my sunshine, even on my rainiest days. You were my silver lining on my darkest cloud. Although you enjoyed testing my patience and sometimes even my sanity, I would not trade any of you for the world. You all have shown me faces of strength, positivity, innocence, and perseverance. I am completely sure you all will grow up to be important members of society. Whether you all become lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, CEOs, or athletes… I will always be proud of who you are and whatever you become. I know all of you are capable of grand and momentous things, so I expect nothing less of you. Do your homework, keep your shoes tied, drink your milk, have at least three bites of your vegetables, give respect to receive it, and always think about others.

Know that just because Ms. Ana is moving, it doesn’t mean she is leaving forever. Know that just because I will not be there every day after school that I am not thinking about you. All of you will always be in my thoughts, in my prayers, and in my heart. I love you all and hope to see you grown up next summer. I know big things are coming your way! Enjoy the school year and yourselves.

With much love,

Ms. Ana

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