Dear High School Seniors, Before Your Last Semester Starts

Dear High School Seniors, Before Your Last Semester Starts

Applying to college is hard. You'll get through it.

Dear Seniors,

I know how you feel because one year ago, I was in the same spot as you.

If you were anything like me, you did not want to talk about your application process, the schools you were applying to, your scores, and wanted to avoid acceptance and rejection letters as much as possible.

While everyone is probably checking their emails or mailboxes to check for their acceptance letters, you’re probably avoiding opening your email or mailbox as much as possible.

I know that the majority of your first semester was spent staring at your common application and supplements- attempting to revise every sentence, proofreading for errors, and making sure your essay fits the word count. After all, every word in this essay determines your future.

Every other student and adult is probably asking you the same questions: where you’re applying, how far you are on apps, what major you’re applying to — and then you’ll hear everything about their application process or their kid’s. And nothing kills your more than that. I personally was not proud of my grades and felt so insecure talking about what my plans were, and equally hated hearing about it.

Applying to a select amount of colleges is definitely stressful, but the worst part is the actual wait. After hitting the submit button, your future is left in the hands of picky and selective people who comprise the decisions committee. After all, they want the best for their school and you don’t know if that is you or not. As you wait, you think about your life at college — wearing college gear, going to the library, the dorms. You even think about how you’re going to announce your college on social media. The wait feels like forever until you receive a letter from a college.

This can go one of two ways:

The more desirable is reading “Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you of your admission at....” The first acceptance letter puts you at ease, knowing that there is a spot for you somewhere.

The other is reading “I regret to inform you...”

I get it. Rejection hurts. Whether it was from your dream school or not, you will still wonder why you were not good enough. Why would you apply to this school if you didn’t think you were good enough? You may feel as if you are less competent compare to those around you who did get into the university you most desired. You may get waitlisted and wonder if it is even worth your time to consider this school.

The environment I grew up in, especially my high school, made me believe that if I did not go to a college that was ranked in the top ten percent of the nation, I was going to be set behind those who did and not be successful. However, in my past few months at university, I have truly learned that your institution will never define you or your capabilities. Regardless of where you go to college, you are the one in control of using your education and applying it in order to build a successful future for yourself. It is all up to you to use your resources and take advantage of opportunities presented to you.

I never in a million years would have thought I would be at Baylor University as a business major. And I will tell you one thing, I do not regret my decision one bit. Of course, there were other schools in my mind and at the time I wish I applied to other schools. Now that I am here, I am happy with my decision because of all the people I have met and the experiences I have been able to be a part of. So many people asked me where Baylor was and so many adults asked me why I didn’t choose to stay at a UC or somewhere local. I never really had an answer but I am glad I was given the opportunity to venture out of my hometown and grow as a person in such little time.

Do not get beat yourself up over one college because going to college is an accomplishment in itself. Enjoy the last moments of high school because I assure you that you will miss it. Wherever you end up, I promise you will be OK.

Cover Image Credit: Shachi Deshmukh

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Dear Incoming freshmen

Hello Baby Gulls!


Dear incoming freshmen,

First of all I want to welcome all of you to the nest, you are now baby gulls and will be starting a new chapter of your lives. You have accomplished the chapter of high school wither it was the worst part of your life or the best it's done over with. Now though it is time to start thinking about your future. I will start by saying that when you made the choice to come to Endicott you where not just making the choice to continue your story, but you made the choice to meet new friends, expand your horizons and most importantly you made the choice to find what you. I am not going to write to you guys and tell you everything that I should know about the school you will learn all that in orientation, also I am not going to pretend I know everything about Endicott because frankly I don't as it is i am only a Sophomore and don't know as much as a I should. What I am going to tell you is this college is a whole new ball game with curves balls and pop flys thrown at you at every direction, it can be scary. I know I was scared when I first entered college and now I cant wait to go back it's crazy, like really it is. As your go through freshman year though try to remember some of these key points. Get involved, Im not talking get involved with a girl or a guy, but hey if that happens that awesome what I mean is this join clubs, or even sport try something that you haven't even done before, who knows you might be killer at it. Really though don't be afraid to try new things. My next nugget of advice i have for you is this keep an open mind about friends. Like I said college is a new ball game that means you are stepping into a game where nobody knows you, you can make yourself who ever you want to be, just don't forget your morals. Don't forget you have the billowy to walk away form anything you don't want to do. there are all different people in college they come from different places and have been raised differently from you it doesn't mean they are wrong in there thoughts or actions. Just keep an open mind about people and who knows maybe you will meet your new best friend. Okay lets move on to roommates, now i know some on you have already picked your roommates which fro you guys thats killer and nice job, but for those of us that are going random that is great to there is nothing wrong with that, but here is the best advice i can give you about going random. Talk to your roommate before you start the school year. When you first move in you will have what is called a roommate agreement this just lists the rules of the room that you and your roommates or roommates set up, really think about this and do not just agree with what one person wants to do. Remember you guys are going to be living with each other for the next year, you don't want to be fighting all the time. Okay guys I don't want to give away all my advice, but i wish you guys that best and wish you luck on this new chapter of your life, its going to be a rollercoster you will get flipped turned and maybe even fly out of the set, but also remember that college is a fun time so enjoy it while you can because its going to fly by. Once again welcome to the nest!

Cover Image Credit:

Kayla Whitcher

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