Dear Fitbit, I'm Sorry About This Summer

Summertime, a time free from school, days filled with goals for the weeks to come. For some, they plan to hit the beach and work towards a nice golden tan. For others, we make the promise that we will use those extra hours of daylight to our advantage and get those steps in our FitBits. However, some of us, myself included, have severely slacked on our part. So here's the apology to my FitBit about this summer.

I wake-up every morning with a plan of attack for the day and including a time dedicated to rack up those steps on my FitBit. But by the time I reach the end of the day I have zero motivation. As appealing as walking sounds, I fall victim to laying in the pool My poor FitBit is constantly reminding me to move, which is encouraging but sometimes still doesn't help.

One day I promise my poor old FitBit, I'll take you for the proper walks you deserve. The ones that go for miles and miles, turning all your goals green for the day and crushing any and all challenges. But for now all I can do is apologize for mistreating you this summer and only hope to improve it for years to come.

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