17 Things Girls Wish Happen In The Dating Scene In 2018
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17 Things Every Girl Wishes Happens To The Dating Scene In 2018

Girls want guys that want to get to know her on a personal level. Not guys that look at her based on what she looks like.

17 Things Every Girl Wishes Happens To The Dating Scene In 2018

The dating scene in 2018 is really hard, harder then it needs to be. Girls just want a guy to want to get to know her and love her for who she is and not what she looks like. They don't want the first message from their match on tinder to be asking if they want to hook up, they want a "Hey, how's your day going?" Girls want to have a guy that cares about them and has a great personality. But for those things to happen these 17 things need to happen in the dating scene in 2018.

1. Don’t lead her on

If you have feelings for here tell her and if you don't tell her that too. Nothing hurts more than to flirt with a person for a while and then find out they aren't interested.

2. Make it less confusing

Asking the question "What are we?" 20 times seems like too much. Personally asking once is too much, tell her right off the bat what you want from this relationship with her.

3. Stop trying to hide your emotions and “be tough”

Girls want to see the real you, that includes the ugly. Girls don't want a brick wall, they want the emotions, a girl would rather see a guy cry than see him fight.

4. Sex is a no until you know more than what's on the surface

Everyone knows sex is better when you actually know the person. Girls don't want a bunch of guys texting them about having sex with her, they also don't want dick pics they didn't ask for. So maybe we should stop doing both.

5. Get to know the real her

Make an effort to get to know her and what she stands for. Don't just get to know the surface things but go deeper than that, find out things about her without her telling you.

6. Go on dates without any interruption

Dates are made for a specific time for you to get to know her if she's talking to you and you start being on your phone not only is it rude but it's also called being a douchebag.

7. Open car doors or just any door

Just some old-fashion cute stuff that will leave butterflies in her stomach.

8. Listen to her

This is a way to show her you care. Even if she's talking about something completely dumb just be there next to her listening to what she's saying.

9. Give her roses

Just showing her appreciation for her being there for you or just showing her that you thought about her.

10. Write her cute little letters

This is another way to show her you care. These notes don't have to say a whole bunch, it can literally just say "Your beautiful."

11. Take her to a concert she really wants to go too

You don't have to buy her the most expensive tickets in the venue but taking her somewhere she really wants to go shows you care about her hobbies and her likes/dislikes.

12. Introduce her to your friends

Before she asks to meet your friends, introduce her to them. You don't have to do all at the same time but do the important ones, like your best friend and/or closet friends.

13. Don’t make her worry about getting cheated on

Show her you're loyal and that you only want her, don't look at other girls in front of her or honestly ever. Make her feel like she's going to be your forever person.

14. Give her a necklace with your name

Be her Troy Bolton!

15. Be there for her when she needs you the most

Know when she's feeling down by just looking at her and don't ignore that. Help her lift herself up or be there for her when she does it herself.

16. Don’t ghost her

Ghosting her will hurt her more than you breaking up with her face-to-face. If you don't want to be with her then tell her, of course, she's going to be hurt but she will work through that.

17. Break up with her in person

Breaking up with someone over a text is the worst thing you can do. If you don't want to be in a relationship with her anymore then have the balls to stand or sit next to her and tell her.

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