Why Do Millennials Struggle With Building Genuine Relationships?
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Why Do Millennials Struggle With Building Genuine Relationships?

It seems these days a large portion of the millennial population feels disconnected from everyone. It's hard to build genuine friendships and relationships with others. Why is that?

Why Do Millennials Struggle With Building Genuine Relationships?

Do you ever find yourself questioning who your real friends are? Do you even have any real friends? Is there anyone in your life who isn't temporary?

A lot of times I find myself asking these questions. When did we become so disconnected from each other?

Calling someone to simply talk to them is absurd! Why wouldn't you just text them? Don't even worry about building the courage to approach someone in person! Just download an app and swipe! Eye contact? Forget about it, I'd rather look at my phone. Also, forget about dates, come over and let's Netflix & Chill.

Personally, I do think that technological advances and instant accessibility to the things we want has molded this generation to what it is today. Growing up in the era of iPhones, Alexa, Amazon Prime, Uber, and etc., we are conditioned to live a life of instant gratification. Consequently, this makes us impatient. Things that take time do not interest us. Relationships requiring genuine commitment are nonexistent. We're so focused on our phones and our own lives, that bringing someone else into the picture is too much to handle. No one has time for it and no one wants to take the time to do so.

In addition to impatience and lack of quality communication skills, so many people have trust issues. Low self-esteem and insecurity are both so common in our millennial population. The combination of all of this results in people being wary of trusting each other, and getting to know one another.

What ever happened to old-school chivalry, like asking a girl out on an actual date? Or what about focusing on the person/people you are with, rather than texting someone who isn't? Or how about having actual conversations in person? People will tell their life stories through text, rather than sitting down with someone and talking to them face to face. I wish we'd get back to basics.

Be more conscientious of your behavior. The next time you hang out with someone, give them 100% of your attention and see what happens. Make genuine connections with people. Allow yourself to feel.

If only every romance was like The Notebook, or 10 Things I Hate About You. Will we ever get back to that? Just some food for thought.

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