Once the magic of the holidays starts to fade away it gets hard to figure out what you and bae can do to keep the spark up until the next holiday. So how can you make sure that this weird time between now and Valentine's day is covered? I mean you don't have the crutches of Xmas themed dates to keep you moving, and you really don't want to make any of your new year resolutions into a bad date idea.

1.Host cook nights.


Food is probably the easiest thing in the dating book. I mean, you need to eat and almost everyone loves to be cooked for, so grab the apron and start cooking! If you're struggling to think of a good meal idea for you and your s/o, try ordering a meal package from places like Blue Apron. Saves you from having to buy foods you can't pronounce and from accidentally poisoning yourselves! BC nothing is hotter than spending the night on the toilet with bae. 💩

2. Dancing lessons.


How romantic would it be for you and both to learn how to dance together? I mean, yeah bumping and grinding in the club does technically count as dancing but what about the tango? Learning this classic sexy dance is something that is bound to keep you both thoroughly entertained and prepared for actual Valentine's day if you actually decide to go out dancing. Plus, after a long night of learning the tango, you both might find yourselves doing the horizontal mambo.

3. Cozy, chilly dates!


Just because the holidays are over, depending on where you are, doesn't mean the cold has actually left. this means getting snugly under the blankets is still very much an option for you both. So, if I were you I'd grab all of the fuzzy chunky blankets, hot cocoa (or tea), twinkle lights and any movie of choice and cuddle the night away. Ordering pizza helps too.

4. Plan out your goals.


I know that one sounds a bit weird, but it's actually a great way to get to know each other better. Grabbing a coffee or lunch and sitting down with your s/o can get you both talking about what you both want to accomplish not only for yourselves but maybe each other. If life plans are too boring then switch it up to what you both want to try in bed, its a more intimate dive into your minds or pants.

5. Drink night.


OK, so basically it's like cook night, but minus the food and just the alcohol! I mean, sure you can have food there to snack on but the main event is the drinking. The both of you can figure out what combinations of different spirits make the perfect drink or quite possibly the worst drink. You can take turns surprising each other with your concoctions and see what other surprises pop up at the end of the night (pun intended).

I'm hoping your holiday blues go away soon because we've still got 5 weeks till Cupid makes his rounds.