Date My Friend: Addy's A Baddie, Come Swoop Her Up

Freshman year of college, I moved into a room with five random girls. One of those girls became one of my closest friends, her name is Addy and this is my attempt to find her love. Addy has had some bad experiences in the past... I mean like, REALLY bad dates. Now she is looking for someone who is not only normal but can support her in her quest to become a forensic scientist at the FBI.

About Addy

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'7
  • School: Bowling Green State University
  • Job: Starbucks Barista and Campus Tour Guide
  • Location: Bowling Green State University
  • Hometown: Swanton, OH

Megan Carmen

Addy's Preferences:

  • Dogs or cats? - Dogs
  • Coffee or tea? - Coffee for sure
  • Tv or Movies? - Movies
  • Night owl or morning person? - Night Owl
  • Beach or Mountains? - Mountains

"If you don't like ice cream we will not work."

You better be down to eat some Ben and Jerry's and watch true crime documentaries, because that is Addy's perfect Sunday.

Addy Worline

If there was one story I could tell to sum up Addy's life-

My first thought when someone asks me to describe Addy's sense of humor, it's the time we laughed for twenty straight minutes over combining the words "stick" and "ice" at a hockey game. Stice. STICE. Say that out loud! That is funny, so if you think it is also funny Addy will 100% make you laugh.

Addy Worline

Five qualities Addy is looking for in a partner:

  1. Please don't be an a**
  2. It would be nice if you had life goals
  3. Humor is really important
  4. Dependability and Honesty
  5. Be straightforward!

Want to respectfully slide into Addy's DMs? She's open here:

Instagram: @adelaidemariew

("Assholes need not apply" - Addy)

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