Date Megan Patty: A Sassy 23-Year-Old From The Midwest
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Date Megan: A Sassy 23-Year-Old From The Midwest

If you know me, please don't take this too seriously.

Date Megan: A Sassy 23-Year-Old From The Midwest
Megan Patty

Dating after college is hard. Like, really hard. Which is why I have decided to put myself essentially out into the world like this. I am opening myself up to who knows what by doing this, but here it goes (oh, and if you know me, please don't take this too seriously):

About Me

  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5'5"
  • School: Evangel University
  • Job: Paraprofessional
  • Location: Lebanon, MO
  • Hometown: Lebanon, MO

My Preferences:

  • Dogs or cats? Dogs for sure. Big dogs, little dogs, medium-sized dogs. All dogs are welcome.
  • Night owl or morning person? Night Owl. I could stay up until 4 o'clock in the morning, but getting up that early? Count me out.
  • "The Bachelor" or "Keeping Up With The Kardashian"? "The Bachelor." I'm currently rooting for Peter to pick anybody but Hannah Ann.
  • Taylor Swift or Beyonce? Taylor Swift. Saw her on the Reputation Stadium Tour, best night of my life hands down.
  • Baby Yoda or Baby Groot? Baby Groot. He's just the cutest lil thing. Plus I've never seen "The Mandalorian".

Megan Patty

Never have I ever met an iced latte I didn't love.

If there was one funny story from my life that perfectly describes me as a person it's this:

Picture this, It's wintry and icy out, I'm coming back to my campus with some friends and the ground is straight ice. I verbally say, "It's no big deal. We got this." (Spoiler: I did not in fact, "got this"). I get out of the car and I immediately fall on my butt. Oh no, you would think it stops there, but it does not. I can't even stand up because my foot is caught in the dang door and I can't even wiggle myself out of it because I was too busy wiggling around on the ice. I laughed about it then and I laugh about it now because it is unsurprising for me to say, "I got it" and then inevitably something happens just to prove that I don't have it.

Four qualities I am looking for in a partner and one I'm absolutely not:

  1. Loves Jesus ✔
  2. Good Communication Skills ✔
  3. Is Good With Kids ✔
  4. A Good Sense Of Humor ✔
  5. Jealousy ✖

Want to respectfully slide into Megan's DMs? They're open here:

Instagram: megan_patty
Twitter: @PattyMegan

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