Date My Friend: An Adventurous Photographer In Phoenix
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Date My Friend: An Adventurous Photographer In Phoenix

Find some adventure this Valentine's Day!

Date My Friend: An Adventurous Photographer In Phoenix

If there's anything great about life, it's that it offers us some great adventures that we just have to take. There are so many moments to seize that make life memorable, whether it's a spontaneous hike in the mountains or a late-night talk with a good friend.

No one understands this better than one of my best friends, Cierra Norton. She's one of the most adventurous people I've ever met, so if you're looking for adventure and the experience of trying new things, she's the perfect date for you!

About Cierra

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'3"
  • School: Grand Canyon University
  • Job: Future Photojournalist (hopefully for a nonprofit organization)
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA

Cierra's Preferences:

  • Dogs or cats? Both! Especially two special puppies named Reece and Porkchop.
  • Night owl or morning person? Night Owl
  • "The Bachelor" or "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"? To quote Cierra herself, "lol, neither" (she loves watching National Geographic documentaries)
  • Taylor Swift or Beyonce? Again, to quote Cierra, "lol, neither" (she loves listening to alternative music)
  • Baby Yoda or Baby Groot? Baby Yoda

Never has Cierra ever lit a candle.

If there was one funny story from Cierra's life that perfectly describes them as a person it's this:

If there was ever a story to describe Cierra, it would be that one day, when she was on a hike, she got so hopelessly lost on the trail that she took a delay that lasted several hours. She ended up encountering a rattlesnake and a deer carcass, but in true Cierra fashion, she took it all in stride. She even managed to capture some great photos on the way.

Four qualities Cierra is looking for in a partner and one they're absolutely not:

  1. Loves Jesus ✓
  2. Always down for a spontaneous adventure ✓
  3. Dark hair ✓
  4. Loves McDonald's (especially their sweet tea) ✓
  5. Cierra is NOT looking for someone who is disrespectful of nature ✗

Want to respectfully slide into Cierra's DMs? They're open here:

Instagram: @ccciierraaa

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Click here for our easy-to-use template you'll just have to copy and paste.

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