Everyone finds something in their life that makes them whole and truly helps push their lives along. Luckily, I found mine at a very young age and am still pursuing it to this day. Dance is such a powerful entity in the lives of so many and has positively affected me in numerous ways that are going to be with me for the rest of my life!

1. Dance taught me how to be my most confident self 

I entered the dance world as a very shy girl who liked to keep to herself. I found over the years that dancing and performing on stage in front of people has allowed me to shine and find confidence in myself.

2. Dance taught me how to take care of my body

Dance is a sport that is very tough on the body and therefore, I learned how to feel my limits and make sure that my body was maintaining the healthy lifestyle I am trying to lead.

3. Dance taught me how to network with people in the industry

I have become very comfortable with meeting new people and talking to them. Networking is so important in any industry and because of dance I am very aware of how to approach powerful people in the industry in order to get my name out there.

4. Dance taught me how to let go of my stress and hardships in a healthy way.

Every time that I am down and having a hard time, all I need to do is dance in order to let my stress melt away. Putting on a random song and just moving is so therapeutic and it is so beneficial to know that no matter what happens, all I have to do to feel better is dance.

5. And lastly, dance taught me how to love, myself and others.

Being around the same group of dancers all the time really lets you develop a strong relationship with them. While dancing you are able to find self worth and self love as well.

Overall, dance changed my life for the better and gave me a purpose and I will always be thankful!