5 Reasons Dak Is More Than Just A Good Quarterback

Dak Prescott is a legendary football player who made his big break as a Heisman-worthy quarterback at Mississippi State University. However, Dak's greatness extends further than his performance on the football field.

1. His uniqueness

Dak Prescott is a unique individual. Albeit an unusual choice for a football player, Dak has a dreamcatcher tattooed on his upper right shoulder, along with the word "dreamcatcher." Maybe this is alluding to chasing his own dreams in his football career or maybe he's just a big fan of dreamcatchers.

Either way, he's a cool dude for having it.

2. His love for his mama

I could write about a whole page about this because that is how much he loves her, and I'd probably cry the whole time.

After every touchdown, Dak points to the sky to honor his late mother, Peggy. Although his mom was busy working and raising three boys on her own, she never missed a football game until she became too ill to attend.

Even the weekend after her funeral, Dak played in Mississippi State's football game because as he says, "my mother would kick my rear end if I didn't play this weekend."

In one interview, Dak said, " I'm going to live the rest of my life dedicating it to my mom. She's the reason I am the way I am in every aspect of my life. Everything I do is for her." Give me a second while I go grab a tissue.

3. Killer looks

For me, pretty eyes and a nice smile are where it's at. While Dak certainly has those, he doesn't stop there.

Of course being in the gym with the rest of the Dallas Cowboys has Dak bulked up from head to toe. It's a possibility that his generosity and genuineness make him even more attractive!

4. His heart

After his mom passed away from colon cancer, Dak started the Faith Fight Finish Foundation to raise awareness and provide support for those who are affected by cancer and other challenging situations. More recently, Dak has joined the "Ready. Raise. Rise." campaign to battle and raise support for all types of cancer.

Across the country, Dak partners with Procamps to host a football camp in which he "coaches" kids in grades first through eighth on football basics. For these kids, it's an experience of a lifetime to get to work with NFL quarterback, Dak Prescott, and have loads of fun.

A recent video from ESPN told a heartfelt story of how Dak formed a relationship with a young man named, Kendrell Daniels. Kendrell does not let the fact that he was born without arms keep him from being an amazing artist. Dak and Kendrell formed a close relationship at one of the Procamps in Starkville, Mississippi.

5. His faith

In an interview with the Shreveport Times, Dak spoke of his faith in God that was influenced by his mom. He writes the word "Faith" on white tape on his wrists before games to remind him of his faith.

One Twitter post shared a picture of Dak praying with a group of people.

Especially being in the spotlight as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak is being a light to countless people through his willingness to pray and speak out about his faith.

As a Mississippi State student, I was already a big fan of Dak, but all of these components joined together put him even higher up on my list. From his faith to his heart of gold, Dak Prescott is an excellent role model for people of all ages to look up to.

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