Daily Struggles Of A Thick Girl
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Daily Struggles Of A Thick Girl

Here is what a thick girl has to deal with.

Daily Struggles Of A Thick Girl
Amanda Gabrielle

Throughout history, being the “chubby” or “thick” girl is looked down upon. Skinny was always in. But now, with models like Ashley Graham and singers like Nicki Minaj, girls don’t look down on themselves anymore for not being the skinniest on the block. Even though thick girls are in now, we still go through some daily struggles.

Finding the right pair of jeans takes a long time.

With a booty as big as mine, it takes almost a lifetime to find a pair of jeans that is going to go up and actually close. But once that pair is found, honey, you look good.

You are always iffy about shopping for clothes online.

With being thick, it is hard to find clothes that fit right away. Sometimes you will fit into a medium, sometimes an extra large. There will never be a set size for you, so you go to the dressing room instead of shopping online.

You embrace that you will NEVER have a thigh gap.

What’s a thigh gap? Our legs touch too much of the time for us to ever even consider that there will ever be a gap between our legs.

Most rompers will give you a cameltoe.

Since most rompers rise because of our thick legs, we will always have it rise up in the wrong places as well. Unless you find that one piece that will flatter you all around.

Food is love, but it won’t always love you.

Food is the greatest gift from the gods to us, but we continuously get reminded that “a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips”. I want to live in this moment forever.

Muffin top is not the new black.

Did I mention I wear high-waisted everything? That’s right. That gives the illusion of a slim waist. I like illusions.

When a big booty song comes on, all your friends look at you.

I like this part but I also don’t. All the boys notice you when your friends make it known that you have a big butt. But then they think you’re going to twerk and you can’t.

Our sexy outfits aren’t by choice.

We wear either super big sweaters or regular clothes and sometimes those tight “regular” clothes make us look like we’re trying to go clubbing later- or we’re in an Austin Powers movie.

You can’t get up in a movie theater.

When you get up in a movie theater, it’s hard to pass by somebody without your big booty in somebody’s face. (You would be surprised who wouldn’t like that)

All of your leggings rip quickly.

Yeah, those Forever 21 leggings won’t last too long without a rip in the middle of your legs. Better stock up.

Finding bikini bottoms is basically a nightmare.

I personally like high-waisted bottoms, because those other tooth floss looking types just don’t fit my fancy.

These are daily struggles of a thick girl. Honestly, us girls are beautiful at any size. Just remember to embrace who you are and love yourself.

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