I'm not much into politics or watching the news but I'll tell you what I do love... puppies!

It's a stressful time with everything that is going on in the US currently and what better way to relieve some of that stress than look at cute gifs of puppies!

Puppies are too beautiful for this world! And they're always there for us, to love and snuggle us. So, I vote we just all love each other and let these puppies and doggos lead us to a happier world.

1. President of the United Nappers of America

Naps and snuggles make the world better.

2. Love-rner

All we need is love!

3. Secretary of Steak

Food = happiness.

4. Secretary of Pedigree

Dress to impress!

5. Play-or

Finding joy in the little things.

6. A-toy-ney General

Embrace the inner child!

7. Awe-ditor

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

8. Boop-tenant General

Curiosity isn't always a bad thing.

9. Vice Paws-ident

The world is a better place with puppy paws.

10. Am-basset-or

The smallest can accomplish the largest tasks.