Being Single during Cuffing Season Is Not The Worst

A Girl Survival Guide for Cuffing Season

Know your self-worth and stay warm cuties.

It's August and you feel like you're on top of the world with your summer tan and kick-ass single life attitude. There's still some warm weeks left and the winter feels like a century away. Flash forward some time, and if you're like me, you're reading this when it's cold as hell outside.

Cuffing season, as defined by Urban Dictionary is, "Usually the colder months; i.e. fall or winter, when new relationships start and old relationships turn into engagements". It's definitely tempting, the visuals of it- curled up inside listening to Christina Aguilera while drinking tea, but for all of you girls and guys who have gone through a rough patch, don't have a particular intrinsic want for a partner, or just haven't found the one quite yet, here's some reasons why you should say no to the cuff and embrace some alternative self-love paths!

A relationship should be entered on your own terms.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a one night stand or something more lasting, getting to know someone and giving them a piece of yourself should be on a path you both have mutually carved out -- not what society says is right. Cuffing season may have originated as an observation of normal actions, but it has evolved into something almost commercialized. Movies, products, and for-profit activities have run ads targeted at couples and this can artificially make you feel as if you're 'losing out' on something.

Cuffing season also falls upon the holidays, a time when family and friends are usually back in town. By not pursuing a SO during this time, you'll have more time to not only discover yourself but also spend time with the loved ones in your life.

Instead of aggressively swiping right on Tinder, or bringing unwanted stress and negativity onto yourself this winter season, you could take that time and devote it to yourself.

Try that restaurant you found on Yelp last week and have been wanting to go to, take advantage of that first free week at your local yoga place, learn how to cook a new recipe, call your parents or a best friend you haven't seen in a while.

Life can be hard and finding someone to be with can be harder. This holiday season, take a step back, suspend your Bumble account, and maybe consider treating yourself out instead- because you deserve it.

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