When you think of sports betting you mostly think of the illegal aspect, the debt, and the risk that goes along with it. However, now those notions are a thing of the past with the development of 'Create Your Play'. 'Create Your Play' or 'CYP' for short is the new and upcoming app that allows for legal sports betting, and yes I did say legal. Sports betting is an extremely popular activity for sports lovers and thrill seekers everywhere and is especially prominent amongst college students.

Michael Gillman and Matt Geller, two young men who are currently enrolled at Indiana University as finance majors at the Kelley School of Business, took notice of the vast majority of students who participate in sports betting and the dangers that go along with illegal sports betting. Gillman and Geller are familiar with the industry due to their education at IU and previous experiences and recognized that there wasn't a product that offered legal sports betting anywhere.

Thus, Gillman and Geller co-founded the app 'Create Your Play'. With the help of Yash Mittal (the head of product design with a background in technical expertise) and Josh Bromberg (an expert in media marketing and graphic design) the young men developed a social, fun, and innovative app that allows college students everywhere to partake in a safe and legal way of sports betting.

Here are five reasons why 'Create Your Play' is an app anyone interested in sports betting should download!

1. The only LEGAL way to bet on sports.

First and foremost, 'Create Your Play' is the only app available that allows for legal sports betting. As young adults we have our whole futures ahead of us, meaning we shouldn't be participating in activities that have the possibility of ruining those bright futures, am I right people?

2. Can enter contests for as low as $1.00 and win unlimited prizes.

You don't have to take a huge hit to your bank account in order to participate in the contests, which let's admit is pretty convenient for broke college students. You also have the chance to win unlimited prizes, so as a recap you're not breaking the bank but you still have the chance to gain winnings?? Yeah, sounds pretty good to me too.

3. Customized contests similar to DraftKings and FanDuel.

The contests are customizable, similar to the format of DraftKings and FanDuel, which are two of the most popular daily fantasy sports applications with over 10 million users on each. The contests are customizable; sports included, entry size, payout structure, private or public. You’re also able to compete with your friends in these contests for any sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Soccer, NCAAB, and NCAAF) and I’ll mention it again you’re able to do so LEGALLY.

4. Bragging rights.

Let's admit one of the largest pros of betting is the bragging rights that go along with it. Maybe it's not the best quality of a person, but everyone has a little bit of a braggadocios quality in them. You're finally able to truly see who is the best bettor in your group, and who doesn't love a little friendly competition.

5. Guaranteed Payouts.

The uncertainty about getting paid out for your winnings is diminished because with ‘Create Your Play’ payouts are guaranteed! “Instant cash prizes” music to any student loan bearing student’s ears.

'Create Your Play' is part of Indiana University's Innovation Incubator, "The Shoebox" and is aiming to launch full scale nationwide in colleges Fall 2018. If you're interested in testing out the wonders of 'Create Your Play' yourself, then just head to createyourplay.com for exclusive access to private beta testing. Be apart of the movement. Keep calm and (legally) bet on.