Why The Cooper Hewitt Museum Is Worth A Visit

Why The Cooper Hewitt Museum Is Worth A Visit

A historic space comes of age with modern technological advancements on the Upper East Side.

On the Upper East Side of Manhattan sits the Museum Mile , right alongside Central Park. Seven museums, all rich with culture and diversity, lie between 82nd and 105th streets on Fifth Avenue. We all know The Met, and the steps so often associated with the ever-famed "Gossip Girl," but how many of these other museums go unnoticed?

The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum on the corner of 91st Street and Fifth Avenue may be the perfect example. Reopening only in 2014 after a renovation process that began in 2011, the new Cooper Hewitt boasts interactive technology in the ornate rooms of the Carnegie Mansion. Four floors of exhibits where history and modernity sit side by side and have the opportunity to merge, giving visitors unique perspectives on the evolution of design.

4K resolution touchscreen tables litter the museum where attendees can "play designer" and design their own tables, chairs, lamps, vases, and more. They can search for objects in collections throughout the museum and zoom into the details the naked eye might not even catch at first glance. The touchscreen table in the museum's new Immersion Room allows visitors to design a wallpaper and then "Go Live," projecting it onto the walls of the room.

The Process Lab is a personal favorite of mine, as I visited the exhibition titled Citizen Design, running now through September 24th. The museum's official website describes it as the following: "Through a series of questions and choices, visitors identify issues that personally matter and use design-thinking tactics to creatively brainstorm possible interventions. "

Choose from a variety of values that are important to you and your community, and respond to the important questions that plague our society today with design tactic cards. It fosters a dedication to one's community and encourages individuals to bring their answers and ideas that were created in the Process Lab out into the world.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Smithsonian Design Museum is its personalization towards each of its visitors. The Pen makes this all possible. With each ticket, which at their cheapest can cost $7 for students, comes a Pen and a personalized code. Visitors use the pen to design on the interactive tables, but also to sync up with the items and displays in the museum that they admire.

It works like this: if you see an object that you like, just press the back end of your pen to the designated "plus" sign. Now it's saved to your collection! After you've returned your pen at the end of your visit, log onto the Cooper Hewitt website and enter your individual code to see all the items you saved on your visit.

If you have yet to visit the new and improved Cooper Hewitt, now is the time to do so. A popular summer activity is Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt , Thursday evenings through August 24th. Enjoy dance and music performances in the garden of the Carnegie Mansion for as little as $13!

What are you waiting for? Get to Fifth Avenue and take advantage of everything the Museum Mile has to offer, especially this place. If you're not there now, you're missing out.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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