Controlling Your Allergies
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It's the season we all know and hate. The season where pollen permeates the air, ragweed fills your nose, and fresh cut grass waters your eyes. Your dogs and cats are shedding, only adding to the entire mess. It's so frustrating to feel like your own body is turning against you despite its good intentions to help out. You're tired of sneezing so many times that people stop blessing you, of tearing up so much that people ask if you're doing okay, and of itching your eyes so much you're convinced somehow you have a rash on them. To help you make it through allergy season on the other side, here are a few quick tips to survive.

1. Keep your animals out of your room 

I know it's hard. I know they're soft and cuddly. I know. It's for your own good.

2. Get a salt rock lamp

They're known to help with allergens in the air in your room.

3. Take your medicine

I know it's inconvenient but take it every night before bed so you don't have to worry about it the next day and it's already in effect. Zyrtec has been my saving grace.

4. Get nose spray

I know it can feel weird but take it when you take your medicine and I promise you will feel better.

5. Get tested

If you haven't already, and you sneeze and itch and whatever else during allergy season, go get tested. Just do it.

6. Check the counts

If pollen is high and you're allergic to pollen, it's probably a good idea not to go for a walk in the park that day.

7. Dehumidifiers

They're awesome. That's all.

8. Keep your indoors clean

If you wore clothes outside, wash them. Try not to wear them when you sit on all of your furniture. You'll be happier in the long run.

Beat the season. Avoid the sneezing. You'll be thankful in the end.

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