​Mike Martin, FSU's Baseball Coach, Reaches 2,000 Wins
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​Mike Martin, FSU's Baseball Coach, Reaches 2,000 Career Wins

March 9, 2019 will be a day that goes down in history at Florida State.


In a three-game series against Virginia Tech this past weekend, FSU's Baseball team had a job to do. Mike Martin, FSU alum, former baseball player, and current longtime baseball coach was two wins away from becoming the winningest coach in NCAA history (all sports) and compiling 2,000 career wins.

Since it's founding, FSU baseball has been on a roll with successful seasons and has even made three appearances, at the college world series in the past ten years. Throughout the years, FSU baseball has also played in other conference championships, regional championships, and tournaments bringing home many wins.

Mike Martin has been the head coach of FSU baseball since 1980 and is in his 40th and final season. Throughout his time so far he has not only to beat out legendary Augie Garrido from California State University at Fullerton and The University of Texas for the title of winningest NCAA Division 1 baseball coach, but he has just accomplished no easy feat, his 2,000th career win. Going into the three-game series, FSU took the early lead with the Friday evening victory. Saturday morning gave Martin and his team a run for their money. The possibility of having to wait until the team's next game at the swamp against a fierce competitor and longtime rival, The University of Florida, for a chance at his coveted 2,000th win lingered when the Seminoles lost game one of the doubleheader that would finish out the series against Virginia Tech. However, miracles were made in game two on Saturday when the Noles pulled out a 5-2 win to finish off and take home the game win and overall win of the series.

At the end of the game, everyone stood in anticipation of the final strike that would solidify the "W" for the Noles. As soon as that ball hit the catcher's mitt, the crowd went crazy in celebration for Coach Martin. The players rushed the field and Martin took the spotlight as paparazzi crowded him with cameras to document this amazing accomplishment. The Jumbotron revealed a formal announcement with a graphic and team managers revealed a banner that was awaiting coach that read "Congrats Mike Martin 2,000 Wins" as everyone continued standing and clapping to honor Coach Martin with a standing ovation.

The energy at Mike Martin Field in Dick Howser Stadium was unlike any other Saturday evening. Everyone was beaming and couldn't stop celebrating this incredible accomplishment. 2,000 wins were not just an achievement on Mike Martin's behalf, it was a historic moment in Florida State history. March 9, 2019, is now a day to remember. To Mike Martin, Florida State University and FSU baseball are forever indebted to you and your dedication to our university and your program. Congratulations on behalf of the FSU community for 2,000 wins and we wish you nothing but the best in your final season as a Seminole in uniform.

If you would like to keep up with FSU Baseball on the rest of their journey through their last season with an infamous and legendary head coach, Mike Martin, you can get more information here.

Catch y'all at the next home game on Friday, March 29th when FSU takes on the Eagles from Boston College at 6 p.m.

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