Congratulations Cubs, From A Cardinals Fan

Way to go Cubs, it only took you 108 years to pull this thing off!

But, in all seriousness, congratulations on claiming the 2016 World Series Champion title. I like to give credit where credit is due, and you guys earned this one.

I, as a Cardinals fan, am happy for you guys, as well as your fans. (I almost went on a limb there and said., "We as Cardinals fans," but I know there are, probably, a few that are in complete denial of what just happened.) Having to wait over a century for a World Series win must've been miserable. We all give Cubs fans such a hard time because waiting that long for a World Series title is something us Cardinals fans could never fathom, fortunately.

We must admit, you fought hard for your title. Those ten innings made for quite the intense game. I'll be honest, we were all hoping you'd choke the entire game, the entire series, the entire year (as usual), but you proved us wrong. This time, at least.

But don't you all worry, we're coming for you next year. And we will NOT be going easy on you like we did this year. Yes, it is true, we only let you beat us a few times because we felt bad for you guys. We knew you had somewhat of a chance this year, so we thought it'd just be the right thing to do. We're nicer rivals than you thought, huh?

Don't think, though, that this one title is converting us into Cubs fans. We still don't really like the Chicago Cubs, at all. I most definitely will not be going out to buy a "Bryant" or "Rizzo" jersey, no matter how cute the two of them are. That is, unless, they would like to come play for us. In that case, I'll buy one of each and the three of us can go to Ballpark Village to celebrate after we're named the 2017 World Series Champions!

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin

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