10 Ways To Compliment Someone's Appearance Without Mentioning Their Weight

10 Ways To Compliment Someone's Appearance Without Mentioning Their Weight

Yes, there is a bad way to compliment.


In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I want to talk about something that needs to be talked about: complimenting people's appearance.

A compliment is supposed to be positive. Things like "Your makeup looks good today!" or "You look so happy!" are good examples of constructive compliments.

What isn't a good compliment is saying something that you think they might want to hear. Things like "Are you ok? You look stressed" or "You look tired, is everything ok?"

Or even worse "You look so skinny! Have you been working out?

While these compliments might seem constructive, they are anything but. You never know what someone is going through. From personal experience, when I've been told "You look stressed," I've been under extreme stress and comments have caused me to snap. The girl you said that she looked so skinny will look in the mirror and still think she is not skinny enough. Sometimes even a compliment can set someone off.

Instead of saying "You look so skinny," say these 10 compliments instead.

1. "You're working so hard"

Not that you need someone to notice that you've been working hard to keep doing it. But it is nice to have someone notice your hard work, whether that's in school or in nutritional terms.

2. "You look healthy"

When I eat healthily, I feel healthy, but I rarely think about how it might look on the outside. Complimenting someone on something more than their makeup or clothing goes a long way.

3. "You look amazing"

As one does, I went all out for my senior prom. I remember someone told me that I looked amazing and I made me smile so big. It was unlike any of the compliments I'd ever received and I needed it.

4. "You're glowing"

When I feel happy, I look happy. But when someone compliments me on how happy I look? That's the absolute best thing ever.

5. "I'm proud of you"

Whether it's from someone that I look up to or one of my friends, nothing makes my heart melt more than hearing the words "I'm proud of you."

6. "I'm impressed with your dedication"

Sometimes when I'm working really hard, sometimes all I need is a little push to have me keep going. To have someone see and recognize how hard I'm working is the one of the best compliments.

7. "Your laugh makes me laugh"

If I;m laughing really hard my laugh starts to sound like a goose honking. I personally think it's the most unattractive laugh known to man, so to get this compliment truly makes me giggle like a school girl.

8. "Your smile lights up the room"

This is one of the best compliments anyone can every receive. It's awesome when someone notices your smile, but its even more awesome when someone compliments you on it.

9. "That outfit compliments you"

The best thing about this compliment is that it can mean a wide range of things. It can mean how the color of the outfit compliments your skin tone, how it looks on your body type, how confident you look in it...really anything!

10.  "You inspire me"

I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that they're too mediocre to inspire someone. As an older sister, I think about how I can inspire my younger sister to be the best person she could be. I hope to someday be someone's inspiration.

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24 Issues Only Girls With Flat Booties Understand

For the girls who throw it back at parties but there's nothing to catch.


I think we all know that in today's society, a lot of people fantasize having big boobs, big lips, and big butts in order to feel accepted. Let's face it, some of us were blessed with one, some with the other, some with both, and others who have none.

I was "fortunately blessed" with big boobs (well, not really if you've read my article) but don't get it twisted. There's just one problem: I DON'T HAVE ANY ASS!

Especially in 2019, big butts are always fetishized throughout the media. I am all for body positivity, but I would at least like to have something to work with.

We are always told that in order to have a big butt, we either have to do squats or just hope our genetics do a complete 180. FIRST OF ALL, squats are a form of false advertisement and need to be explained correctly. I'm pretty sure I've been doing squats for like 5-years straight and my booty is flatter than an Aunt Jemima pancake.

I've been noticing a lot of "X signs you have a big butt" articles and you know what? Why don't I rant about my small ass?

And no, this isn't an article to whine or complain. However, all of my flat booty girls get what I'm trying to say. And to those who want to understand, having a flat butt is honestly a struggle and let me tell you why:

1. Your full-body selfies consist of you breaking your whole back just for that little cheek to pop out

I convinced myself that I am going to have back/hip problems by 60 for FORCING this arch. Bending that back for a three-second picture takes some SKILL, honey! It's funny posting a picture of your side butt when it's really just thigh meat.

2. Or using the "sink" method if you're desperate

If you didn't go through this phase in 2009-2016, was your butt ever flat? But the outcomes did some JUSTICE and everyone thought your butt grew over night.

3. Squats are a damn LIAR

Like I said earlier, there is NO reason why my butt still looks like a flat pavement. Life just isn't fair. Squats actually make your glutes more defined, not bigger, guys! Had to learn that the hard way.

4. Getting your a** slapped by bae, but it feels like slapping a hard frying pan

Don't laugh, this is actually pretty upsetting. The funny part is that he probably hurt his hand because he touched a hard surface. Oops.

5. Having multiple screenshots of "how to make your butt bigger" workouts in your camera roll...

And then NEVER actually looking at them...

6. When it's time to throw it back in the club but there isn't anything to throw.

Especially when the right song hits. Yeah, guess you have to sit this one out...AGAIN! You're throwing air at this point, just wait for a slow song sis!

7. Twerking? The hell is that?

Somehow, I manage to do the funky chicken at college parties and it does no justice. Or it looks like I have a wedgie. Once again, it's probably best you sit this one out, girl.

8. Asking people if they prefer "butt" or "boobs" and they say "butts" with no hesitation.


9. Not being able to wear certain outfits because they look wrong

You ladies know what I mean! Everything looks good, but then your flat shape ruins the whole look. I guess I'm not going out tonight.

10. You and Hank Hill have the same butt...

I--no comment on this one, it's self-explanatory.

11. Shopping for a bikini bottom is actually a nightmare. Just thinking about it makes you want to do whatever this lady is doing

Buying a bikini is a nightmare. That's why you have to buy different bikini bottoms from the top part because it's just NEVER going to work out. And the worst part, they don't even stay in place...

12. Being the #PancakeBooty friend

Having a pancake booty is something you don't want to be called. Having an Aunt Jemima pancake booty has its perks sometimes. I mean, a lot of people like sitting next to me in the car because my butt doesn't take up too much space.

13. You have thought about calling Dr. Miami to get a BBL (or any butt surgery)

Even though my pockets are full of empty promises, it's always nice to give it a thought! Would my life be better if I had a big butt? Only a broke girl can dream. In the meantime, I guess it's time to just stick to the gym and do hopeless squats and lunges...and probably stuffing your pants.

14. Wearing a waist trainer or butt-pad...A LOT

Even though waist trainers aren't the best method, they actually took some inches off my waist. They're not just for show, people. But back in 2015, a lot of people were wearing them to make their waists slim and have an illusion of a butt. But trust me, there's safer ways to do this...still a pointer.

15. Constantly asking your friends, "Does this make my butt look big?"

I can't go to a function if my butt is flatter than a table top. I just CAN'T. I won't allow it. So yes, I have to ask my friends before I go out before I end up on someone's snapchat story.

16. Enjoying food from the refrigerator but you didn't intend to be shaped like one.

I had to fully accept the fact I am shaped like a rectangular prism and if someone actually likes me, it will only be for my personality (which is fire, by the way).

17. Telling people you have "NoAssAtAll" Syndrome and they actually believe you.

It's funny because if you say it really fast, people will think you're serious until you start laughing and giving it away.

18. Asking your big booty friends for advice and they say "I eat my rice and cabbage sis," except when you eat it, it goes straight to your stomach.

The only time I ever gain weight in my butt, it goes everywhere else too so it doesn't matter. Is there something in the rice and cabbage? Is genetics the one I have to be mad at?

19. Not being able to participate in your favorite twerk songs because you'll look like a cockroach after being sprayed with Raid

Trust me, it's not a good look. Only thing moving is your BACK. People will think you're Tina from Bob's Burgers.

20. That feeling your stomach possibly sticks out more than your ass.

Oh, that's how you know... It's like "hey are you preg---" NO ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAVE ME ALONE!

21. When the DJ shouts "where all of my big booty h*es at?" and everyone starts screaming except for you

I have a big booty in spirit. I just left my ass at home.

22. Sitting on someone's lap and you're actually HURTING them...and possibly yourself.

If it hurts to sit down, just get up. Nothing hurts more than your significant other saying, "It feels like a board."

23. Not being able to ride a bike for more than 30 seconds because it hurts your crotch like crazy.

I can't even tell you when was the last time I rode a bike. I mean, have you SEEN the shape of a bicycle seat? You can't walk for days. I can't do it, I just CAN'T.

24. Even though you were cursed with a flat booty, you don't care because you're still amazing and you can pull guys/girls any day!

As much as I dream of having a bigger butt, life is good and you shouldn't feel bad about having a flat booty. It's 2019, embrace it! Listen, if you want to twerk your back out, just do it. As much as I would like to cry, I learned to care less because it's not going to stop me from living my best butt-less life!

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To The Girl That Doesn't Feel Pretty Enough, Yes, You Are

You don't have to be skinny to be pretty.


With all the technology that has been advancing and social media growing it is hard to not see what everyone else is doing, what everyone else is wearing, etc. Girls now have to grow up constantly worrying about what photo to post, or what new clothes to buy, what trend to follow. It has become hard for girls to be their own personality.

They are constantly being looked at and they know it.

If you are even a pound over the common weight you feel bad about yourself, even if you are five pounds lighter than the common weight you feel bad. No matter how hard you try you never feel pretty enough. You put makeup just to go to class. You beg your parents to buy you the hundred dollar shoes so you fit in. You use the photo editing app to make your pictures look better. You starve yourself just to shave those five pounds before spring break.

We all have tried these things to match everyone's perspective the perfect girl.

However, we don't need to. Who cares if you get that boys attention at the party because of what you're wearing. Who cares if you have the right clothes or the right make-up. Who cares what caption you post with your picture. Being pretty doesn't have to be about what is on the outside.

Your personality is beautiful.

You are wonderfully made. You are special no matter what. Your intelligence. Your beliefs. Your personality. Your culture. Your style. Your confidence. Is what makes you be you. Not what someone wants you to be not. What someone wants you to wear. Not how someone wants you to act.

Be yourself and be loved.

Be the person that you want to be. Be the person that doesn't need acceptance to be happy. Don't worry about what looks back at you in the mirror and worry about what who you want to see. Don't let dirty remarks and mean words bring you down. The small victories are the best. It doesn't matter what the person next to you looks like. All that matters is how you view yourself.

You can do anything you believe.

No matter what anyone says you can do and be anything you want. Doesn't matter what you look like or what you wear. It doesn't matter what you post on social media. It doesn't matter what other people think. Be who you are not what everyone else wants you to be.

You are beautiful no matter what. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Love yourself and be who you are. Don't let anyone treat you any less than what you are worth.

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