"Comparison is the thief of joy" is a quote that used to hang on my art teacher's wall. Every hour spent in her classroom, Mrs. McCarty tells us not to compare our art to others' because each piece is unique and special. This relates to each persons' own life and experiences. In a society, where Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are primary sources for retrieving new information, news updates, and the latest posts from your friends, we are left feeling as if our lives are not as fulfilled as others.

Teens and young adults everywhere, especially on a college campus, are being overstimulated with images of "Instagram models," and new products to become skinnier and more beautiful. We are already beautiful, we are already enough. Personally, for myself, I feel left out or like my life isn't as great as it is when I see posts of the latest party I couldn't attend or football game everyone went to.

I believe when we compare our lives to others' we begin to feel as if we are not enough.

No one seems to post the negative or rough spots in his or her own life. Everyone shows the best and most positive moments. Who are we trying to impress? Our friends, family, random followers, ex-boy/girlfriends, and new co-workers are not the sole purpose of posting and sharing our new experiences and adventures.

We, as a society, have become obsessed with social media, not for others, but for ourselves.

We are striving for acceptance, love, and companionship, not only from others but from ourselves. We are all in a constant battle struggling to know who we are.

Life is not defined by who looks the best in their photos but is a refined definition of an internal struggle to outperform and become better versions of our true selves. We are all striving to become a better and more likable version of ourselves; therefore, we transform, transition, and transpire our original ideas, thoughts, dreams, and goals into our current lives.

With this idea for self-betterment, it is important to take a step back from the mainstream media and social networking platforms.

We need to re-evaluate who we are without Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Who are you in the real world, who are you off your phone? Stop comparing and start appreciating your own talents and life because everything is not always as it seems and sometimes what you have had all along is subconsciously what you really wanted in the beginning.

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