Common Factory Injuries in Florida
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Common Factory Injuries in Florida

Factory Injuries

Common Factory Injuries in Florida

Factory Injuries

Common Factory Injuries in Florida

Factories abound with hazards that can place employees at risk. For this reason, it is in every employer’s best interest to ensure a safe working environment within a factory or manufacturing facility.

Guaranteeing a safe environment for employees protects an employer from workplace injury claims in Florida. Despite this, there are still factory owners who come up short in how they protect employees from factory injuries.

If you or someone you know has been injured working in a factory in Florida, you need to call a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Slip and Fall Factory Injuries

Slips and falls occur for two reasons. First is as a result of slippery surfaces. Whenever a surface is slippery from either being cleaned or from chemical substances, unsuspecting employees can lose their footing. This can cause a factory employee to lose balance and fall, potentially injuring the shoulder and hip.

Slips and falls can also happen due to uneven surfaces. While having uneven surfaces is not banned, there should be signs or markers that warn employees. Without these warning markers, employees can slip and fall on places like ramps or steps.

Slip and fall injuries can be severe due to the angles at which employees fall. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, fractures are among the most severe consequences of slipping and falling.

Factory Injuries from Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure can happen in manufacturing facilities that treat and refine raw materials using chemical agents. When employees accidentally get exposed to chemicals, several injuries can occur.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, chemical exposure can result in irritation. At its most severe, chemical exposure can also cause cancer, especially if exposure is chronic. In Florida, strict regulations for carcinogenic chemicals like asbestos exist, for this reason.

While factories can have chemicals as part of the manufacturing process, factory owners and operators need to offer adequate protection. Protection can include safety goggles, special articles of clothing, and training.

Any failure to provide these and more can render a factory owner or employer liable for chemical exposure injuries sustained by their employees.

Back Issues

Back issues happen as a result of repetitive movements.

Whenever employees work in a factory, tasks do not change often. This causes employees to assume the same position for hours. This is especially the case for workers on the assembly line. Also, employees may be asked to perform tasks that cause them to move the same way every day.

In either scenario, back problems can develop based on parts of the musculature that experiences frequent or prolonged inactivity. For example, those who sit for long hours can develop back pain due to tense hip flexors and poorly activated glutes.

As well, the back can also bear the brunt of an object's weight every time an employee has to lift objects off the floor.

Machine-related Factory Injuries

Factory employees will often have to manipulate machinery, and this can result in injuries. Sometimes, machines can malfunction in a way that puts factory workers at risk.

For instance, a forklift might suddenly lose its breaks, causing injuries to the operator and other factory employees. Also, employees can have hands and clothing trapped in factory equipment, resulting in factory injuries.

When factory injuries occur as a result of faulty machinery, the worker can file a claim from one of two parties. Besides the employer, the factory owner can file a claim with the equipment manufacturer.

Florida’s laws stipulate those manufacturers can be held liable for the injuries caused by defective products. By law, injured parties can file product liability claims against negligent manufacturers.

The Effects of Factory Injuries

If you sustain factory injuries, your quality of life will be affected dramatically. You may lose the ability to perform daily tasks, making your day-to-day life much more difficult. As well, your injuries can lead to a long recovery period that prevents you from working. While you are recovering, you may not be able to bring in your regular wages.

Also, recovering from factory injuries can cost money. While health insurance may cover a percentage of your recovery and treatment, you may have to pay for other expenses like future medical bills.

In short, you need to seek compensation if you have sustained any factory injuries.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Florida and Be Compensated for Your Factory Injuries

Filing a workers’ compensation claim alone after your factory injuries will be an uphill battle. Maximize your chances of getting what is due to you by calling the best workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida.

Call us now for a free initial consultation and be compensated for your factory injuries in Florida.

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