Colourpop's Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer Is My Holy Grail
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Colourpop's Tinted Moisturizer Is A Holy Grail For My Oily, Acne-Prone, Medium-Toned Skin — Here's Why

Looking for a product that has a combination of makeup and skincare? Colourpop's "Pretty Much Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer" is for you.

Colourpop's Tinted Moisturizer Is A Holy Grail For My Oily, Acne-Prone, Medium-Toned Skin — Here's Why

- Colourpop's Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer shade range is inclusive, so it's likely that you'll be able to find your match.

- This product is great for any type of look, natural or full-on glam because its coverage is buildable.

- For someone who is acne-prone and has a medium skin-tone is interested in skincare and makeup products, this was worth the purchase.

Because of my skin type, I have had a hard time looking for makeup face products that will not make me break-out or cause any skin problems- this led to me becoming interested in makeup products that have skincare benefits.

After researching various products and reading reviews online, I encountered Colourpop's Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer , and I do not regret purchasing it!

First Impressions

The Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer has many skin tone and shade selections, ranging from fair to deep dark. Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which one to buy because of the fact that I bought it online and wasn't able to do a physical swatch, but I tried to guess which one based on other online reviews. I ended up getting medium 10N and it was the closest match for me!

I have to say it is affordable. As a person who is picky when it comes to makeup and skincare products, especially the expensive ones, I think that $14 is a reasonable price for a tinted moisturizer.


Looking at the packaging, I was impressed. When it comes to purchasing foundations, it has to have a pump because I would sometimes pour too much and waste the whole thing.

However, with this tinted moisturizer , it does have one! Other than that, I am deeply in love with the minimalistic product design because you are able to see the true skin tone and shade color through the packaging.


OK, other than how aesthetically-pleasing it is, I have to say this product is great. Considering I use this on a daily basis when I'm going out, I was surprised it lasted me a whole day, topped with a tinted or translucent powder to keep my oily skin matte.

I also liked how the product is buildable because there are days that I would have a full-glam look or a natural look- I mainly use it for natural looks, which I would do most of the time.

Before my purchase, I found mixed reviews online, especially on YouTube- some people liked it, but some didn't because of the hyaluronic acid and coconut water in the product. I ended up purchasing this product anyways because those ingredients are in some of my nighttime skincare products.

Final Thoughts

Before purchasing, I would recommend doing in-depth research on the product's ingredients first, considering that people have different skin types.

However, as I said earlier, the price is truly worth it. Overall, I would rate Colourpop's Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer about a 4 out of 5.

Buy the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer from Ulta for $14.

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