Just like so many others, when I was 15, I couldn't wait to get out on my own. Have my own place, call the shots, and just be my own person. I had so much confidence, my parents raised me well so I figured I was set, all I needed was a job, a car and a place to live and I could finally live the way I wanted. Not quite. Little did I know that I had to raise my credit score, I had to start pinching pennies to pay for insurance, and start snagging as many shifts at work in order to get enough money to pay for my car. So how did I get here?

How am I supposed to know how to adult?

There should be a way that we can prepare high schoolers for these kinds of things. At my high school, they use to teach a class called P.A.C.E., which was basically a class about adulting, finances, interviewing skills, and so many other very important skills. The school district, unfortunately, got rid of the class before I could take it. Everyone was excited that we didn't have to take it, I included. But now that I am struggling to understand it all, I wish I could've had the opportunity to take that class. The closest thing I can think of it cooking classes and maybe financial algebra but no high schooler would choose to take that class.

While some college students have parents that can afford to pay their tuition, car payments, and everything else a college student needs to afford, some of us need to work really hard to get there (no shade to anyone whose parents pay for everything. It's just hard for others who have to work full time, study and try to keep their life together).

My first year at college wasn't too bad because I didn't have to worry about any payments, but this summer, before my second year, I have to start paying for everything.

But how am I supposed to understand the terminology in insurance policies and car contracts?

But as I'm sure most of you know, it's just a process we will learn eventually. If only it wasn't so stressful or complicated.

We will just have to take it one bill at a time.