20 Things College Students With OCD Know To Be True

20 Things College Students With OCD Know To Be True

“Sensitive people usually love deeply and hate deeply. They don't know any other way to live than by extremes because thier emotional theromastat is broken.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Allison Rumptz

In college, one has the opportunity to define and figure out who they are in life. Events and circumstances happen in life leaving you to grow (in your faith and as a person), gain confidence, and discover new things about yourself. One mechanism I have learned about myself was that I am very set in my ways, clutter is not an option, and everything has to be organized in a specific manner.

It is very difficult for me to adapt to a change or little things like crumbs on the counter, when something is out of place, etc. It is a complex concept, especially when living with someone who is somewhat the opposite. Cleaning and schedules are really my life. I don’t know what I would do if Lysol wipes and spray weren’t invented or there were no colored labels. Here is a list of issues that occur while having OCD in college.

1. Before moving in: you have to sanitize, bleach, and vacuum everything

Who knows who touched it or was the room even cleaned before you moved in? Better be safe than sound.

2. Not doing the dishes with the dishwasher

Okay, I really just don’t know how to use one. But, it is more sanitary and eco-friendly by doing them by hand.

3. The face when people use your stuff and it isn’t returned how it was before

Everything must be straight, make another shape (like a square), and all of the frames must be the same.

5. Organization MUST be color-coded or in a fabric bin

6. All binders must have tabs and be labeled in alphabetical order

Organization is essential.

7. Living life on a schedule (with flexible 2 minute gaps)

8. When your schedule is off:

You FREAK OUT. And that is why I am going into special education, where their lives run on schedules and regulatory.

9. Walking into another person’s room

What is even happening here? Where do you sleep? How often do you clean?

10. When there is stuff on the floor after you cleaned it 20 minutes earlier

11. Even when you are stressed, you still try to be organized

You just try to make it through.

12. When people are so kind and go out of their way to buy you Lysol wipes


13. When people attempt to help you clean

Thank you for the effort and kindness, but I got this.

14. You have at least 6 To-Do lists, including the Notes app on your phone

15. People either accept you or they just don’t and you have to accommodate to them

16. People call you a “perfectionist”

It really is the fact that you care too much and can't handle slacking or stupidity.

17. Hugging and physical contact is difficult at times

It is a work in progress

18. Rooms and things like a refrigerator have to be free of any nasty smells and smell clean/fresh

19. You have a mind of your own

20. This is your life motto

Just relax and breathe. Everything will work out.

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