College can be overwhelming, but so was preschool sometimes. A little tiring, a little crazy, a little learning, but a hell of an experience. Here is a list of 10 things that may remind you of preschool while in college.

You might not relate to everything on this list, but at least one should apply to you.

1. Nap time

Not everyone has time for this, especially once you're out of the dorms; but we all know that the nap you take/took in between classes, REVIVED you. Though sometimes, made your day a groggy mess.

2. Snack break

When you're running from one class to another, or feel like you have a hundred things to do, then you might only have time for a quick snack. Granola bars are the way to go.

3. The sleeping song

It's the sound of your professor's voice. Yes, you know exactly what professor I am talking about. The talent that they have to make a 50 minute class feel like a 3 hour one.

4. Handmade gifts

You are broke when you're in college, maybe even more than when you were in preschool. So sometimes you have to get creative and handmade gifts are the way to go.

5. The tears

Everyone cries at some point in college. Whether it's from the stress or you miss home, or you don't know what to do with your life. We all cry.

6. Outdoor time

In preschool, it was all fun and games, and you didn't have it in the winter. But in college, it's every day and what feels like all day. You have quite the outdoor time, no matter the weather; sunshine, rain, snow, wind, hail, and more.

7. "Free" lunches

In preschool, food was "free" because you didn't understand the concept of money. Though in college, you understand money, and you know you overpaid for those swipes and "dollars", so you have no other way to cope but to pretend it's "free."

8. Beverage consumption

Apple juice boxes just kept on coming. Orange juice used to taste so good. Now they are just mixers.

9. Making friends

Although the location has changed from one classroom to multiple frat house, we still find a way to make memories together. Even if some are still peeing themselves.

10. And boys

... enough said.