You might think that you've matured into a sophisticated young adult. Those 18 years being raised by your parents have made you into a person that can (sort of) successfully make it in the real world. You're living on your own, you decide when you come home at night, and you even pay for things. You might really think that you're grown up. Well, you're wrong. Being in college is almost identical to being a young child in kindergarten in more ways than one.

1. Naps are a must.

2. You need snacks and lots of them.

3. Missing your mom is a common thing.

4. You cry over every inconvenience no matter how small.

5. You don't really know what's going on.

6. You still do lots of arts and crafts (cooler painting, duh).

7. Puppies make you so happy.

8. Being hangry every time you aren't fed.

9. Ice cream can shut you up in two seconds.

10. Frozen meals are your go to because you don't know how to cook.

11. You get excited when you find a dollar because you have no money.

12. Animated movies are phenomenal.

13. You have no sense of direction.

14. You constantly whine.

15. The opposite gender likes to play games.

16. You always need your sippy cup (coffee, juice, beer, milk, wine same thing).

17. Your parents figure out your entire life.

18. Vegetables are gross.

19. You spill on your clothes.

20. Sometimes you pee where you shouldn't.

21. You have lots of meltdowns.

22. There are so many new friends.

23. The opposite gender is disgusting.