Calling for free college is just a manipulative tool cast out to the young public to get the millennial vote. It can't be done, and it would offset what a college education is supposed to do. We need to be more educated on this topic and see how improbable and damaging to ourselves it would be. Those who are promising it in exchange for votes are nothing more than demagogues, and lying to the young American people about what you think you can do is just cruel. These are the reasons why free college is a flawed concept, and should not be taken seriously.

1. First of all, the American public simply cannot afford it. Taxes are high now, and they will only get worse with yet another entitlement burdening the American taxpayers. If, by some chance, it was worked into the American taxes, we are forgetting a key concept of such an entitlement. For four short years, you may enjoy a free education at a university of your choice, but you have to remember what happens after you graduate. You get a job, and more importantly, you pay taxes. Part of the money you are going to be paying to the government will be going to the education that the Government had given you. Over your lifetime, you will not only have paid for your own education, but for many other's as well. Americans will be burdened will more taxes, and university quality will dwindle.

2. Flooding the college system devalues your degree. People go to college for many reasons, but the biggest one is to get a degree in a job field fit for you, and setting yourself apart from others who want the same career as yourself. The job market is more competitive now than it ever has been. Can you imagine thousands of more people with the same degree as you competing for the same job. How are you going to be made more employable than the others. Your education can only go so high, and with so many people getting the same one, there will not be enough room to find employment. More people with the same degree= less value your degree holds.

3. There is such thing as free college. That's right, you can have your college payed by the government already. It an old program that has existed for decades now. It's called the United States Military. "What? I don't want to join the military! I just want a free education because I deserve one!" To receive a free service, you should prove yourself worthy. The military offers endless opportunities for underprivileged citizens to receive an education while serving for the United States. You receive world experience, travel across the world, and can interact with fields you are actually interested in. If you really want an education to make your life better, than you should be willing to do what it takes to get one without holding your hands out. The government already gives out free college, but you have to serve the United States to get it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is always going to be a price you have to pay for anything you receive. College is a prime example. You shouldn't want to burden taxpayers to pay for your education, when they don't even know who you are. You don't want your jobs to be taken from you because more people are now equally qualified for the same position. In such a state, many will find themselves having to work many jobs they wouldn't want in their darkest nightmares. You would have to go to school longer, and you probably would not come out being a valuable asset anymore. If you really want an education, put can't pay for one, the United States military can help you. It is only right that you provide your own service to the country, if it's providing such a service for you. Lose the thoughts of free college, because the consequences of such an institution would cause more harm than help.