12 Guilty Pleasures Of A College Student

You've got 200 pages to read by the next lecture, along with a paper to write and info sessions to attend for the clubs that you're interested in. You're legs are sore from all that walking (but you secretly hope your gluteus maximus is getting some gains). You finally realize that it's not high school anymore, and all the clubs you want to join go through a selective recruitment process -- which includes applications, essays, interviews, mixers, and other social events.

Sigh... and it has only been the first week of school. But, I know you. Yeah, I do. Here are some of the things us college students are guilty of doing to alleviate some pressure from us, whether that be early in the year or later in the semester:

1. The Student Store

We all love school spirit. Who doesn't? And, what's better than to see school spirit gear on sale?? Nothing.

2. Eating: Chipotle

That delicious $8 burrito can make my productivity go from 0 to 100 real quick. Plus, Chipotle is like a drug. It makes everything better. It means everything in this world. *Shh... don't remind me of the E.coli incident... everything will be alright*

3. Eating: Cream/Insomnia Cookies

Late night runs to get any form of sugar in your bloodstream has never felt so good. Yes, you take some time off your studies to get the food, but study breaks are good for you, right? So are those cookies and those ice-cream cookies, man.

4. Eating: Ramen

Everybody loves ramen even before they enter university; we all know. However, now it's time for you to expand your ramen repertoire, and reach out to all those obscure, foreign ramen brands found in your nearest Asian food store. Next time someone asks you what your favorite ramen is, you won't be that one basic person saying Top Ramen or whatever generic ramen brand you find at Wal-Mart. Don't know where to start? I suggest you try this one ramen brand called Indomie. It's the BEST. Or you can try one that fits your current status:

5. Napping*

*At inappropriate times. I see you in class with your hand covering your face and you with your sunglasses. You're not fooling anyone.

6. Sneaking food out of the dining halls

This I understand. Maybe you have class in 5 more minutes, so you have to get a to-go box for your meal, but ain't nobody got the meal points to get a plastic disposable to-go box. If you are bringing your own container and sneaking food in, that's a-okay. Or, you just want something to munch on several hours later and you don't feel like spending money on some snacks. That's cool too. Us college students apologize for this in advance (we're not sorry).

7. Netflix...

Nothing better than sneaking an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in between assignments. Or a GoT episode per 5 pages of Chem readring. That's cool too.

8. ...and Chill

You already know.

9. Coffee

Slept late from studying (or partying) you say? Fear not. I'm not saying I'll take care of drunk you as I'd have work to do, but I'm just going to tell you that coffee will be your best friend in the morning.

10. Sleeping In

Got a 12 pm class today? Don't worry kiddo, you got until 11:30 am to sleep. We all get it.

11. Social Media Stalking

Whoever it is. You'll eventually find your professor disguised as a hamster, cool low-key events on-campus, your study buddy, that one weird person in your class, your free pdf textbook, free promo codes for discounted deals, you name it. Social media is great. You might even be on one in class, although I don't recommend it as GSIs are watching your every computer click. Beware.

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