9 Goals Every College Student Sets At The Beginning Of Every Week With A Zero Percent Success Rate

9 Goals Every College Student Sets At The Beginning Of Every Week With A Zero Percent Success Rate

Sometimes, our ambition is a little too hopeful.

Many college students have ambitions that are greater than they can even manage. We tend to make promises that, if I'm being honest, always fall through when the time comes to actually fulfill them. The school year can be a lot to handle, and our ambitions just may be too much to actually follow through with sometimes. So, here's a list of the most common things that college students tend to promise they'll do, but never actually follow through with.

1. Go to the gym.


There's always an excuse not to go: too much homework, feeling sick, or just too tired. But, hey, we do a lot of walking around campus anyway.

2. Wake up early to get breakfast.

That extra 30 minutes of sleep always sounds better than getting up to eat.

3. Get ahead on homework.


When we have nothing due, all we want is some time to rest. It's always nice to think that we'll use that time to get ahead, though.

4. Clean the room/do laundry/do homework RIGHT after class.

Let's face it—right when we get home, all we want to do is rest.

5. Stop spending so much money on unnecessary things.


As much as we say we're going to keep our bank account full, the idea of getting coffee before class or going out to eat with friends always sounds just a little too good.

6. Stop cramming for exams.

As much as we plan ahead to get things done, we always end up studying profusely the night before. To be fair, the only reason we do it is that it usually works.

7. Go to bed early.


In our defense, we are living in dorms or apartments with a lot of our friends nearby. It's hard to go to sleep early when there's so much we could miss if we did.

8. Stop eating late at night.

If we're staying up with our friends or working on homework, we're bound to get hungry eventually.

9. Drink more water.


Who needs water when there's coffee?

If you're a college-age student, I'm sure you can relate to most, or even all, of these things. Try and challenge yourself to follow through on these promises next time you make them. But, if we're being realistic, that goal may be a little bit too ambitious, too.

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